Meet Me!

I am so happy you stopped by to visit me! I would have never imagined before five months ago, that people would search me out to read what I am doing on a day to day basis. It is actually pretty nifty!

So, I started this blog as something to do while my little boy napped, since he only would nap on me. I never knew how big the blogging world was. I thought that I would jot down a few words and the only views and comments would be from my mother (love you mom!), but seriously, that would be it. 

Ha! I was so wrong. If you read my blog, you will see I was wrong about a lot of things. Oh well, you live you learn. So let me share a bit about myself. I love lists so here we go:

If you haven't noticed, my name is Victoria. I hated my name growing up because no one else I knew, had it. I felt like a loner. But I love it now. Thanks again mom!

I am blonde in more way than one

 photo thatsmepic_zpsb83205da.jpg

I love Champagne, but I never have anyone to drink it with 

I collect stamps in my Passport and cats

I drink wine daily. I have heard it is good for your heart - so I'm doing my body good!

Pink is my favorite color and I love striped anything

I am a shy person but have verbal diarrhea when I get nervous 

I am always on time and HATE when people are late!

I forgive and forget - it's not good to hold grudges. Just Move On

I have the best husband, son, and fur-babies EVER!

Meet The Hubby: Sean

Isn't he a cutie!?

Okay he is a Maine Commercial Lobsterman

Which means free lobster for when whenever I want!!!

Oh and I get to go for boat rides too! 

He's such a hard worker which enables me to be a SAHM - wahooo!!

Loves me unconditionally

And he always has my back

And is the worlds best father

Meet Baby Reece

He is my bundle of cuddly, smiley love! 

He was born ON HIS DUE DATE! 

April 20, 2013

...holding for 4/20 jokes...

He is now crawling

Loves Chobani yogurt

Smiles when he toots

Sleeps through the night...most of the time

Loves to be tickled

And poses for the camera

Meet My Fur-Babies

She is the baby. And when I mean baby I mean the Paris Hilton of all cats

She sleeps next to me all night

Only drinks from the faucet

Has a personalized crystal collar from Vienna, Austria

She loves to pose for pictures

 I found her living in my mothers garage - I think she got trapped

She meows screams when you pick her up - but then instantly purrs

My husband calls her Shady my mother calls her Sybille 

She really is the sweetest cat who will stare you down until you offer your lap to her.

Yay you stuck around until the end of a whole section about me!
Now go a head and read some posts, add me as a friend (I'll friend you back!), stare at my cute baby, and enjoy!

 photo XOSIG_zps185841b6.jpg


  1. My baby girl is named Reese! <3 Your Reece is a cutie-pie!!!! I'm on my way to following all your social media-thingys. =)
    -Stephanie @

  2. Victoria I was the same growing up...hated my name because no one else had it. I totally wanted to be Monica or Jennifer like all my other friends but now I'm so glad I have a name I could make my own!

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