Caprese Skewer Appetizer

       When you're in a rush to attend a party or gathering, the last thing you want to do is make a labor intensive appetizer. Sure anyone can go on Pinterest and find the most outlandish dish and spend four hours and $50 putting it together. But seriously, who wants too?  

       Since we are talking about fast and easy dishes, this post will be fast....since we are literally heading out the door with the exact dish in the photos! This mouth watering plate took me less than 10 minutes and cost under $10. Win win! You just need a few fresh ingredients and you are on your way to bringing a nice refreshing dish to set aside the bucket of chips and smattering of dips. 

Caprese Skewer Appetizer

Whats In It:
Cherry or Grape Tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella balls (if they're the big ones, just cut them like I did)
Fresh basil leaves
Olive Oil 

How To Assemble:
For each skewer you'll need a cheery tomato topped with a basil leaf then topped with a hunk of cheese

To finish just drizzle some olive oil and dash with salt/pepper

You can make these the night before or right before you head out the door!
If you're making them the night before, just make sure you don't add the oil until you're about to can tend to make the cheese a little soggy