Cheesy Chicken & Salsa Slow Cooker Bake

Up here in Maine we wish for summer 50 weeks out of the year. That's because we only have summer for about 2 weeks then it's back to snow. Think I'm joking? Come visit! No but seriously, when those two weeks of summer decide to make an appearance, they make themselves known with super Maine's version of hot temperatures and extremely high humidity. So for those two weeks we have to come up with ways to cook while keeping our houses from becoming infernos. Most of us don't have AC, and if we do it's those little rattling units that sit in your window and do a better job at letting bugs in than cooling the air.

Sure we grill, but you can only grill so much. I get sick of it. Sure there is lobster. I mean my husband is a lobsterman, but he doesn't eat it so I have to make a separate meal when I want to eat those tasty bugs. That's when I turn to the slow cooker. It will slow cook your food but the heat will stay under the lid. 

Today was super humid and I have been really busy getting our house ready for our family to come for the week for my brothers wedding this weekend. I was so thankful I had my slow cooker so I could literally throw two things in there and let it make my dinner for me. 

So tonight I served up Cheesy Chicken & Salsa Slow-Cooker Bake. Wait, what? Slow Cooked and baked? Yup! This recipe is so simple anyone, and I mean anyone can make it! And it only has 5 ingredients (3 if you truly want to make it simple).

My husband promptly commented after his first bite "oh, this is like a quesadilla without the tortilla!" Clearly, it was family approved!


6 Boneless chicken breast
1 - 12 oz jar of salsa
**I used Peach Mango salsa - it gives it a nice sweet kick**
1 Cup Shredded Mexican Cheese

1 tbs Greek yogurt per serving
Chopped cilantro

How To Cook

1. Place chicken in slow cooker and dump the entire jar of salsa on top

2. Cook on high for 1 1/2 - 2 hours (until cooked through) *don't over cook or it will shred*

3. Place chicken in a baking dish, cover with cheese and bake at 375º until cheese is melted

4. Sprinkle cilantro over entire dish and add a dollop of greek yogurt


21 Day Fix
1 Breast ( or 1/2 if they're large)
1 R
1/2 P
1/2 B

Parmesan Garlic Knots

One My of my favorite thing about going out for Italian (clearly besides the wine!) is the garlic sticks, knots, balls, what have you. I love all that butter, garlic, and sprinkling of parmesan over doughy shapes that melt in your mouth. Unfortunately, going out every night to indulge in those calorie ridden delights is just not in the budget nor in the diet.

My mom has been making those doughy knots of goodness since I can remember. I remember her meticulously twisting and twirling that dough into perfect knots then slathering with her buttery concoction and popping in the oven. My mouth would be salivating as soon as she would say "kids were having garlic knots!" They never did disappoint ... until I moved out and they weren't being served in my home! That's when I decided to put my big girl panties on and make them myself. 

They are super easy and only take 15 minutes start to finish. I love to make everything from scratch but I was in no way shape or form making the dough from scratch when I was already making my Lemon Garlic Chicken Pasta. I mean who do you think I am, super mom? Okay, I am but that was not happening tonight with my toddler pulling at me whining non-stop "mommaaa I neeeeedddd youuuu"

So here it is: my moms super simple über delicious Parmesan Garlic Knots!

1 lbs bread dough  
 ***You can use those rolls in the tin tube that you have to pop open or what I used was the fresh pizza dough in the deli section
1/4 Cup Butter (4tbs)
2 Tbs Parmesan cheese
1 Clove Garlic
1 Tsb Garlic salt
2 Tbs Parsley (fresh or dried)
1/2 Tsp Dried Oregano 
Flour for dusting

How To Make:

1. Preheat oven to 400º

2. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray

3. Roll out dough until you have approximately 10 strips. 1" thick 4-5" long. Use flour for dusting if it's sticking to the board

4. Using a pizza slicer cut those strips (to above dimensions) then cut in half - so you get two pieces out of each strip)

5.  Dust your hands with flour then take each strip and tie into a knot and place on baking sheet. Repeat until all the knots are formed

6. In a bowl place the butter (cut up for quicker melting), parsley, oregano, and garlic salt and microwave for about 20 seconds or until butter is melted.

7. Using a brush, brush each roll with a light coating of butter mixture and place in oven for 8-10 minutes. Taking them out right when they start to crust up. they will continue to cook once you take them out!

8. Once you take them out, brush them with the remaining butter mix and sprinkle on the parmesan cheese.

Serve hot!