The Glamorous Life Of A Stay-At-Home-Mom

When I decided to quit teaching and become a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) I got a lot of flack from people and comments like "what will you do all day?" "don't SAHM's just sit around, go out for coffee, have playdates?" "oh how nice that you don't have to WORK". 

Well, I felt it was time to truly expose what SAHM's really do all day. 

We sit at home on Pinterest!
Yup, you heard me! I take about 30-45 minutes a day either in the morning or the afternoon during nap time and I spend it on Pinterest. Can you believe that?! If I were working a 9-5 I wouldn't be able to do that during the day. But before you start shaking your head thinking "see I knew SAHM's have it easy!" let me tell you what I am Pinning. I am spending that time looking for activities to further my toddlers education. I am scouring the recipes so I will always have food on the table. I am looking for hacks and tips to save money since we do only have one income! 

I am not pinning the newest fashion, meme's or other non-productive things. Pinterest to a SAHM is a massive resource to help us stay organized and give us ideas to help our families. 

We Go Shopping!
... at the grocery store with our babies in tow. I'm not hitting up Macy's or Sephora. HA! Not only would I never make it into that store with a child, we are living on one income... clearly not being able to afford a $32 bottle of mascara. Wait, what's makeup again?? 
Nope, we're at the grocery store picking up all the essentials for the recipes we found on Pinterest so we can meal plan for the week. And then we are hitting up Sam's Club to stock up on diapers, wipes, and bulk peanut butter and jelly. All of this while we are trying to pacify our children who really want to run ramped through the isles, picking out new toys that we can't purchase, with a full diaper and a missed nap! So. Much. Fun.

We Go On Playdates!
That might sound fun and all and I'm sure you're picturing two or three mom's sitting there sipping on their Starbucks iced coffee while the little ones play quietly together. Oh, I would beg you to join a real playdate where the mom's get about 30 seconds of chatting that is being interrupted by a full diaper, a child who got his toy stolen, spit-up, a little one that is exhausted and just wants to cling, and kids who just don't want to be there. And when we do get to talk mom to mom we are 99% of the time talking about our kids! Do not get me wrong, I do love playdates, the very few we get, it is a chance for the kids to interact, but it's a lot of hard work.

We just sit around during nap time
I love this one. As if we do not deserve a break while our kiddos are sleeping. No but it's true, at least for me. Yup I sit around. I sit and fold laundry, I sit and make important phone calls to the doctors, bill companies, my mother, ect. I sit and fix the broken toys laying around the living room, and half the time I sit in the rocking chair with my baby napping ON me! So yes, we do sit while they sleep 

Sound glamorous yet? Let me tell you how us SAHM's view ourselves. We see it as such a privilege that we get to stay home and raise our babies. It's not easy though. I know in our family we are living off of one income, and that income is from being self employed, so it's not always guaranteed. But that has made me such an ingenious wife and mother. I have found ways to stretch the dollar much further than I would if we were both working. My toddler gets to see his mom working around the house. He has learned to help me cook, do the laundry, and plant herbs in the garden (see, saving money!). 

But as a SAHM, I don't get to clock out and come home to play. There is not start of end time. It's ever going. It can be a hard concept to grasp, but there is no delineation between days or weeks. Oh, and we don't get to pee alone!

I do not think that being a working mom is harder than a SAHM, nor vise versa. They can't be compared. In just a few short months my job as a SAHM will be ending as I head off to Nursing School. I will soon be working, and be on the other side looking in. As for now, I am appreciating every moment I have, even if it is chasing my son down the isles at Sam's Club as he screams "I need that!!" towards the 5 gallon bucket of mayo. 


  1. You look like your doing an amazing job at being a stay at home mom. Like you, I've decided to cherish every moment while it last! It's not always easy, but it's such a blessing ;)

    1. Thank you! I try my hardest every day :) Time flies so quickly that you have to cherish every second! And you're right, it's not always easy, but its so worth it!

  2. I love this post so much! So many great points. Boy do I love Pinterest as a mom resource!

    1. Thanks Alejandra! I am so so so happy that Pinterest is around!

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