Officially Homeowners!

So it's been a long year. We started the process of building a home last April. We looked a round, went fact finding, took the new homeowners course, ect. We found a plot of land in a cute little development that was mere minutes away from my husbands boat, which is perfect when he has to be on it at 4:30am to go lobstering.

We got all of our ducks in a row and approved last September. We had bids out for all aspects of the build and finally broke ground in December. We figured since it was the winter things would slow a bit, but they didn't. On April 10th we moved in to our beautiful new home - only one caveat: WE DIDN'T OWN IT! Nope, we hadn't closed on the house because the Title company didn't feel like we were a priority at the time. They were dragging their feet, so to speak. But we were running out of time since the lease on our townhouse was quickly running out. 

That's when we decided to get a Certificate Of Occupancy, which the town gives showing that the house is habitable, they handed over the keys and we were able to move in before we closed. It has been a stressful month because we were living in a home we didn't own. I was scared to do anything, like hang photos, get settled in. Because who knows, perhaps the whole thing would fall through and we'd be kicked out of our house! I already had a plan for that though, I'd be ripping out my beautiful soaking tub and sleeping in it. No way anyone was going to get that besides me!

The day we were handed over the keys...even though we didn't own it yet!
But as of last week we finally got the call we were waiting for: the closing date! Even though we had the closing date, there were still a few things that hadn't been finished on the house yet. We still don't have back steps off of our second story deck and we didn't have our paved driveway. Living in Maine, a lot of these things are so weather and temperature dependent so we had to wait until the frost was out of the round then get in line with everyone and their brother who has waiting all winter long for the same thing. 

This is why yesterday, our closing day, was so exciting. Not only did we close on the house, when we were headed out the door the paving company had showed up and was hard at work! We will have to wait on the back stairs until the lawn has settled so they don't tear it up, but I'm okay with that since the money is happily sitting in escrow. 

Let me tell you a little something about closing on our particular house. Sure there was lot of paperwork and we weren't allowed to use our "normal" signature, you know the kind no one can read. We actually had to use cursive, but the closing was so incredibly anticlimactic! There was no big celebration and the handing over the new keys. No tears while driving to our new house. Nope, it was a handshake, all of us saying "finally!", and going back home. 

I did manage to run across the street and get myself a bottle of Champagne to make it somewhat special. But in the end, I would much rather not live out of a cardboard box waiting for the closing date just to have the excitement of the keys being handed to me, and are so happy we were able to move in an month early. 


  1. Congratulations on your new home!! It looks beautiful. :-) I had the same experience with our house closing - very anti-climatic because we were already in the home. A little disappointing. Enjoy that bathtub and the home owner feeling.
    Happy Memorial Day!

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