Fun Family Time!

Where did this week go? Actually, where did April go? It flew by so fast for us. Perhaps that is because we moved into our new house and Bub's turned two. Thankfully my husband and I were dead set on getting settled in right away. Within the first few days we had almost everything unpacked and stored. Our house quickly turned into a home. I guess it helps that we had a brand new house so we didn't have to spend time fixing or changing anything. Just a few cans of spray paint and my no-sew curtains.

This was great because this week the weather has been beautiful. Well, semi-beautiful. It was still in the 50s and our house is located right in the middle of a wind tunnel, so it's always windy. I think I will appreciate that more when it's 90 out and there is no breeze up town but my house is going to fly away like Dorothy's. Bub's and I were able to get out and enjoy our back deck and the "beach", aka our yard that hasn't been excavated/seeded yet due to the frost. 

Bub's and I planted our first pots of flowers, ever! That's if you don't include the mandatory pot of Marigolds everyone pots for their mothers in second grade. After the potting, it was still so nice out that we had ourselves a little picnic on the back deck!

We've been able to grill this week, which is wonderful! My husband is even getting into the summer mood and stopped and got my (Killian's) and his (Bud Light Platinum) favorite beer. Good thing we have a big fridge! And it paired perfectly with the local burgers and my delicious Avocado & Black Bean Salad!

I needed that beer after Bub's had decided to take a bright red crayon and draw all over my brand new white cabinets. Good thing i had my All Natural Homemade Cleaner! It got it right off!

Bub's also had his 2 year check up on Friday. I prepared him for 2 days. He knew our wonderful pediatrician was going to look in his ears, eyes, and mouth. I prepared him for his two shots and the fact that he was going to cry, but it was okay. He checked out healthy as could be and ever growing! He handled his shots pretty well but was hurting that night. Which meant lots of snuggles for momma. The next morning I went into his room and asked him how he was feeling and his response was adorable, "hurt go bye-bye". Perfect!

Since his "hurt go bye-bye" we decided to take him to the Maine Wildlife Park. I have gone there since I was his age and knew he would love it. It is a State park in Maine where they take in and rehabilitate animals. It's not a zoo with elephants and such. No, it's a park where they have Maine animals. He was able to see and feed the deer, get within 5 feet of 4 moose, throw food at the bears, and see trout swimming up stream. And of course, he went home with a stuffed moose. 

He was so tuckered out, but I was super hungry that we decided to stop for pizza on the way home. Bub's rose from his quick car nap to squeal "PIZZAAAA!" and I think he ate more than I did!

And since we live out of town now, we decided to take advantage of the fact that we were near the store. We got Bub's some much needed new shoes and I stopped at a local store, Reny's, to get some great house accessories. 

With all this family time, I have found time to take for myself and I started PiYo again. I hadn't worked out since we moved since I have been so busy. My body is so sore, but I feel amazing! 

I love spending time as a family and I am so fortunate to have these opportunities every weekend. During the summer it is hard because my husband fishes so much so we take advantage of this time when we can! 

I cannot wait for this up coming week! Not only will I be entering into my last year of my 20's we will also be taking our first ever trip to IKEA! 


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