Yoga Pants & Water Bottles

Disclosure: These products were given to me for the sole purpose of my honest review. All statements and opinions are my own.

I would like to say that my addiction to yoga pants was founded way before people started wearing them outside the gym. I sported mine all over town and they were my best travel companion (aside from my mother) on my long flights to Rome and Prague. I would curl up in my dime sized airplane seat in comfort because I wasn't confined by stiff denim or stuffy dress pants. Nope, I was rocking my black wide legged yoga pants in comfort!

It was from then on I noticed that more and more people were wearing them. My once comfort pants, became a fashion statement! I would love to give myself credit for starting that, but clearly it was not me. That aside, I'm glad people caught on to the idea of comfort over everything else. 

I still have my trusty black yoga pants that have literally traveled the world with me from Maui to central Europe to the Caribbean. But I was in need of a new pair. One that was more fitted and that would be more appropriate for the summer heat. That's when I came upon

They have hundreds of different yoga pants, shirts, socks, and accessories! As I was skimming I found the exact pants I wanted to try. I was a little hesitatnt because I had bought a pair of tight calf-length pants before and they just didn't fit right. They would either creep up my leg where I had to constantly pull them down or the crotch would feel like it was between my knees! Not a good feeling to have.

I decided to go for it and order the Marika Balance Collection Flat Waist Capri. They looked nice from the photos and had good reviews. I also checked out the return policy at just to be sure I could return them with no issue if they weren't what I wanted. Everything checked out and I placed them in my virtual shopping cart.

Like I said, they have a ton of fun stuff on their website so I decided to do a little more shopping. Not only am I a collector of yoga pants I am a collector of water bottles. I have way too many and could probably give one to everyone in my home town and still have a few left over. But that didn't stop me from trying something new! Since starting my journey to healthier new me and new lifestyle, I am trying to rid my life of plastic. So, when I saw that they have the Lifefactory 16oz Glass Bottle with Silicone sleeve I knew I had to have it! A glass water bottle!? Yes please!

After placing the order I figured I would have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive. I was super surprised when it arrived on my door step just a few short days later! I opened that nicely packed box so quickly to get to my new goods! I washed out the water bottle and filled it right away. I will tell you what, I will never drink from a plastic bottle again! The water tasted better, it felt better, and with the sleeve on it and the handle on the top, it travels so nicely in my purse or diaper bag!

Next to try were the yoga pants. I have an issue with my yoga pants pilling on my inner thigh. No, I do not have a nice thigh gap, so like many others, sometimes my pants pill because they rub together. Well, ladies, I have worn these many times now and they are still as smooth as the day they came out of the package! These have easily replaced my favorite yoga pants. They stay put, fit like a glove, and  can either be worn as true yoga pants, or they can be worn out. I wore mine out to dinner with a cute sweater and calf boots. The pants tucked right in the boots and you would have never known they weren't true leggings. Win Win!

I am very excited to say that I have a new favorite online store! They also own which I have yet to try but with summer coming I would love too! 

So go out, get your new yoga pants and water bottle and be ready for either yoga class or to hit the town!