We've Moved!

Well it's official. We have moved. Two full days of packing and moving and we are now 15 minutes down the road in our new house. And I'll tell you what, I will burn down our new house down, collect the insurance money, and buy all new stuff before I ever pack my entire house and move again.

Now that it's all over with, I suppose it was worth it. Even though we had a nice townhouse (for the location we were living in) we were ready to have our own space and a place for Bub's to grow up. And a place where I could paint my own walls and not have to worry about the landlord peeking in wondering what we were doing or why there are lobster crates on the front porch. 

The move was actually pretty painless since I hadn't even unpacked all my stuff from when we moved into the townhouse 3 years prior. So most of my stuff was still in boxes in the basement. It did how ever give me a chance to purge some junk. And since we had the use of the dumpster at our complex we we not beholden to the town on what and how much we could throw out! Talk about the ultimate spring cleaning. 

The night before the big move we quickly ran to Target to pick up a rug and a few odds and ends that we needed. Then we packed up said lobster crates and we moved all of our food from the pantry and fridge and we moved all of our dishes. You know, the important stuff....in the rain....and the dark of night...

The start of a very long night!

Thankfully my father-in-law had a covered car trailer that we used to haul all of our possessions so we didn't have to rent a U-Haul or moving truck. We were able to fit everything in the trailer and a few pickup trucks and off we went to the new house. The weather was perfect for moving. Sunny and 55ยบ. 

You may be wondering, where was Bub's while you were moving? He spent two full days and nights with my mother. It was the hardest thing for me. I had never been away from him for that long before. Granted he was only a few minutes down the road, it was still super hard. I made numerous phone calls and she sent me many photos of what they were doing. I thought he was going to miss me, but let's be realistic now. He was kept so busy around Gaga's house that he didn't have time to miss me. 

 Keeping him busy with a little shoveling

He was planting momma flowers for the new yard!

I did cheat though, on the second day I went back to our old house to grab something and I had half a bottle of wine still in the fridge. I decided I didn't want to trek it down to the new house so I brought it to my moms to have a nice refreshing sip while I checked on Bub's. 

When he saw me he was wide-eyed, gave me a hug and kiss then went about playing with the laundry they were folding. It was like he didn't care that I had been gone! So mom and I sat there drinking the remaining white wine I brought over and talked about the on going move and how Bub's had been doing. He was fine, the move was going seamlessly, and all was well. 

So I packed myself up, went and got the final piece of the moving puzzle, my terrified cats, then had my husband pick up Chinese, and we headed to the new house. The move was complete and now comes the unpacking. But not without some Champagne and Chinese to celebrate! We pushed aside all the boxes in the kitchen, broke out some paper plates and finally sat down. 

Over the past week we have been slowly unpacking. The first morning when I woke up I made sure that I had my coffee all ready to go! I had the living room, kitchen, and Bub's room all set up the next day so when I brought Bub's home he had some sense of familiarity. I actually set up his room to be identical as his last. It didn't fool him but I think he helped to ease his anxiety at night. Bub's absolutely LOVES the new house. He has so much space inside and out!

The only thing we were missing was all facets of communication. Our new house is in a dead zone on the coast of Maine. I have absolutely ZERO cell phone service and the cable company wasn't going to arrive for a WEEK to hook up our cable, internet, and landline. It was actually really nice for the fact that I got a lot of unpacking and setting up done since I wasn't on the phone, internet, or watching tv. BUT I felt so isolated. People were wondering if we were ignoring them via text or Facebook, I couldn't text or blog. I even had to go to town so my husband could file his taxes online and we could set up delivery for propane. I was very happy when they finally came today to hook it all up. 

I am super excited to be in the new house. I am more excited about a few upcoming posts that I have planned for you all! So stay tuned!