Up-Cycle and Restyle Using Spray Paint

I have recently fallen in love with spray paint. Since December, when we knew we were building a house, I had been on the hunt for certain pieces to decorate with. I wanted to get away from all the silver I used to decorate our old apartment and go with the warmer color of oil rubbed bronze.

When we picked out our sink and lighting fixtures we got them in that beautiful rich oil rubbed bronze, but realized that if we wanted everything to match we would have to spend buckets of money. New mirrors, new curtain rods, new basically everything since all of ours were shiny silver. 

Since we couldn't afford a new $400 mirror of $300 in new curtain rods, I turned to Pinterest. I had stumbled upon a few ways to "up-cycle" furniture. A few included spray painted old chairs and such. I pondered that for a while and went on the hunt for oil rubbed bronze spray paint. It took a matter of minutes to find that Rust-Oleum sold it! I was a little hesitate to spend the money on this paint thinking it would't work. but I did anyways!

While I waited for it to arrive, I went around my house and picked a few off color pieces that I wanted to spray and hang up in the new house. My mother had bought me a beautifully textured silver mirror for our entry that would be perfect  for our new downstairs bathroom. I called and asked if she minded that I sprayed it, and she was super enthusiastic about it. I decided to stick to one piece to see how it worked. Plus, the contractors needed the mirror pronto so they could hang it. 

When it arrived, my husband took the liberty of spraying it in the basement. I highly suggest you do it outside if you can. We still had 4 feet of snow on the ground so we couldn't, and our basement smelled like toxic paint for two days. 

All he did was take painters tape and newspaper and covered the mirror. He used a few layers of newspaper so if there happened to be any bleeding, it wouldn't get on the mirror. Next, he sprayed, 6-10 inches away from the frame, in long even passes. This paint covers so well. When you spray it, you only need to do a light coating then wait for 45 minutes for it to dry and check it over. After the time was up I went back in the basement and saw it only needed one coat!

We took the tape and paper off and it looked like a brand new, expensive mirror! It was incredible. After seeing what that paint could do, I had my husband spray all of our silver curtain rods so they would match our house. Let me tell you, it looks like we spent gobs of money on these pieces! When in reality, we just bought a can of spray paint!

I didn't have a chance to take "before" photos of the curtain rods before they got painted. But they were your standard brushed nickel. You can see more photos of the entire rod here on my tutorial for No-Sew Curtains!

Our next project is to spray all of our brass door knobs this color!


  1. This is literally wow. Who would want to spend $400 when one can create expensive looking items at home. This looks so amazing, waiting for more of ypur projects.

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