No-Sew Curtains

Over the weekend we moved into our newly built home. Everything is perfect in this house. The only thing that was needed was curtains. I hated the curtains I had in our old apartment because they were more like side panels that didn't have any practical use at all. They were ugly and they didn't even cover the entire window when you needed them too!

I have been on the search for white flowy curtains for a while. Sure, I have found a bunch that I loved but that my wallet didn't. I didn't want to have to take out a second mortgage on my new house just to have these beautiful curtains. During my search, I found a few tutorials on Pinterest for making my own curtains, but most involved a sewing machine; something else I did not have and was not going to spend money on. But I also saw a few tutorials for No-Sew curtains. Unfortunately, the tutorials were either incomplete or not exactly what I was looking for.

Being the smart lady that I like to believe I am, I took a few ideas from different sites, melded them together, gathered a few tid-bits from my mom and I went to work on my own no-sew curtains! 

Let me tell you, these are so incredibly simple! I busted out four complete sets in about 2 hours. That's with washing the materials, too! So if you are sewing machine inept or simply lack said machine, follow my simple steps and you can have beautiful curtains for a fraction of the price and in less time then you would spend crying over how much you shelled out for your pre-made curtains!

They truly turned my house into a home in a few simple steps!

Oh, and when I say a fraction of the price, all 4 sets plus all materials (including curtain rods that I had in silver but spray painted oil rubbed bronze) cost $84.00. And to think....I saw just ONE set of the same thing for more than that! Cray cray if you ask me. 

No-Sew Curtains


You're going to need a few things - I got it all (besides the scissors and iron on Amazon)

1. One bolt (approx 25 yards will do 4 sets of curtains) Muslin fabric - $75 on
2. One roll of Stitch Whitchery - $3.99 on
3. 1" (or 1.5" depending on the thickness of your curtain rods) curtain clips which is 5 clips per panel (10 per set) $6.99 per set of 10 on
4. Iron
5. Scissors
6. Something to iron on that can withstand the iron for more than 10 seconds at a time (I used a folded over packing box on top of my counter)

Let's Do This:

1. Measure the length from the floor to your ceiling. When I measured it was exactly 8 feet (96") and I needed another 4" (100" in total) because I was going to be hemming the top and bottom and I also had to allow room for shrinkage in the dryer. So give yourself at least 4-6" extra.

*** Hanging your curtains from the top of the wall will give the illusion of taller ceilings! 

2. Unroll the bolt and cut to your measured length. Cut two 100" (or whatever your measurement was) lengths for one window.

3. Once all panels are cut, unfold them (they're folded in half on the bolt) and put all of them in the washer. I did a "quick wash" since it wasn't dirty, I just wanted them to soften a little. Then place them in the dryer.

*** Now, if you had old kitchen scissors to cut the fabric, you may have a lot of ragged ends. DON'T PANIC! Don't spend time trimming them since you will be folding them over! 

4. Plug in the iron and unwrap your Stitch Witchery. Grab the end of your fabric (cut end) and lay it flat on your ironing surface. Unroll a few inches of the Stitch Whitchery 1/2-1" below the edge. 

5. Fold the edge over to cover the Stitch Witchery and place the hot iron on it. Do not slide it back and forth, keep it still for approx. 10 seconds. And repeat this step all the way down the edge until you have hemmed the entire side. Then move on to the other end. 
*** Repeat on all the cut edged of all the panels

*** I found that placing scissors on the fabric to hold the fabric down while you iron really helps keep it in place

6. They are ready to hang as soon as you iron them. Grab the clips and use 5 ring clips per panel (10 per set) and hang them up! 

What's so great about this is they can be washed! Once you have ironed the hem with the Stitch Witchery, you can treat them as you would any sewed item. Also, you can use this on any fabric! So you can switch them out as often as you want. And they are super cheap to make, you could literally have a few sets for any mood or season!


  1. So airy & fresh! I might even be able to do this. :)

    1. Thanks :) You must try this, it's super simple!! I am not a crafty person at all and I found it very simple and I am on the hunt for more fabric for the rest of my rooms! Def something you can do in the evening while watching a movie!

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