No, actually he turned two today but every time I ask, he just gives me a wide smile and says "fffwwwweeeeee" which is three to those of you who don't speak toddler. Then I ask again, he sighs, and says "TWOOO". Sorry kiddo, not so fast!

I can't believe that two years ago on this day my husband and I went through 17.5 hours of labor to bring our amazing boy into this world. He had to be punctual and come on his due date, naturally. It really speaks for who he is now though. He loves schedules and to know what's coming next. But on the other hand he is so even keeled and goes with the flow. All he needs is either his Momma or Dadda, Bah-Bah (his well loved dog), something to eat and drink and his naps. Yup, I said, napS, plural. He is two and sleeps 12 hours a night and still takes two 2-hour naps a day! No I do not drug him to sleep, it's because he is zooming everywhere he goes when he is awake. 

This child is so active. I am so happy that we moved into a bigger house because he needs a lot of room. He jumps from one activity to another. His mind is constantly going, and I know this because he is very verbal. Whether he is talking directly to someone or to himself, he is formulating sentences that actually make sense to the situation!

I will not drag on about how smart he is, even though I could, all I want to say is how much he has changed in the last two years. He's super independent, but yet loves to still snuggle and when he's not feeling well, sleeps on my chest in the rocking chair. He is only shy for a few minutes then makes everyone his best friend. I have never met such a polite child for his age. Please, thank you, sorry, and excuse me are regulars in his ever growing vocabulary. 

He holds the deepest and most loved spot in our hearts. Sometimes my husband and I sit after putting him to bed and try to visualize our lives without him. But we just can't. We wouldn't be anywhere meaningful. We would be yearning for moments like these. 

So today is really a day, not for spoiling or throwing lavish parties (I mean he's only two, he really doesn't know what's going on), it's about reminiscing the 10 months I held him in the womb and the moments leading up to his birth. The evening we brought him home and seemed so clueless on what to do next. It's truly a day for us, the parents, to celebrate what we created and who he has become. 

Don't think we didn't get him anything though, we found it fitting that he had his own Bubba chair since he is older now! 

Oh, and just like my mother did with me, I will be telling him his birth story, in detail (thanks mom I'm forever scarred), every single year on April 20th. 


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