Avocado & Black Bean Salad

One of my favorite parts of summer is grilling and BBQ's. One of my least favorite parts is being asked to bring something to a cookout. It's not that I don't like to participate and help out, it's just that I never have any idea on what to bring. So I usually stick to the old standby of paper goods and cups...
...and wine...always wine...

That all changed when my family of three went to visit my grandmother in West Palm last winter. It was a nice hot afternoon and she prepared for us a delicious meal. For one of the sides, she had prepared a bean-type salad. Let's be honest, I did not think I was going to like it. I do not like beans, at all. But being the wonderful granddaughter that I am, I took a big heaping spoon full. Oh my, oh my! It was fantastic! I immediately asked her for the recipe and made it within days of getting back home. 

Since that trip, I have opted to bring this dish to each and every cookout I have attended. Not only is it a crowd pleaser, easy to make, and something you can prepare the day before, it also gives me something to offer that isn't in the form of paper!

And I know it's not summer yet, but it's in the mid-40's and we have already started grilling! 

Avocado & Black Bean Salad

For 4-6 people use this recipe but double if you're bringing to a large gathering

1 Can Black Beans
1/2 Bag Frozen Corn
1 Avocado
1 Green Pepper
1/2 Sweet Onion
1 Cup Salsa 
(I used Peach Mango but any will do)
1/2 Lime Juiced
Salt/Pepper to taste

Let's Do This:

1. Wash and strain the black beans
2. If you aren't serving for a few hours then you do not need to thaw the corn - but if serving immediately - thaw corn (do not cook)
3. Dice onion and add
4. Cut Avocado into small pieces and add
5. Add salsa
6. Add lime juice and salt and pepper

Let sit for at least an hour for the flavors to merry together.


21 Day Fix
Serving: 1 Cup
1 Y
1/2 B
1/4 P
1/2 G