Family Friday

Since coming back to the blogging world after having almost a year hiatus, I have been trying to restructure my blog. It has drifted away from being a "mommy blog" because my heart just wasn't in it. I live it every day and didn't necessarily want to write about it. It has quickly morphed into a recipe/food blog, which I am excited about. The main content of Simply Anchored is going to be recipes and do-it-yourself type posts. Which, to me and hopefully my readers, is way more exciting to write and read about than how many times my child had Strep this winter or what cute new outfits I found for him.

However, I do want to keep some personal feel to my tiny space in the cyber world. My family is my world and I can't just write like they don't exist and I'm running footloose and fancy free. After much thought of how I can balance it all I have decided to dedicate Friday to "Family Friday".

Photo Credit to Kathleen Clemons

This will be my time to write about the happenings with our family. A nice way to cap off the week by looking back on what goes on behind the scenes. 

All that being said, I realized today that in exactly one month Bub's will be two years old! I cannot believe it. When did I become a mother . . . when did I become a mother of a TWO year old?! When I was told to treasure every moment because time flies, I should have listened, because it truly does. 

No longer does he fall asleep in my arms. 

And no longer will he fall asleep on Gaga's floor while she cooks.

No longer does he have the face of a baby but has one of a little boy. 

No longer does he need me to feed him by hand. He's talking in full sentences saying things like "Mom, come play please". His manners are spot on with please, thank you, and sorry. And he uses them correctly. 

To me, though, he is still so little. He is still rear facing just like the day we brought him home, he still wants that bottle of milk laying on my lap in the morning, and he loves to be worn in the wrap when he doesn't feel good.  In the process of building a new house, I think we have been so distracted that we didn't see how fast he was growing up!

When it hit me today, we were laying on our bed and petting the cat. I jumped right up, told him not to roll off our high king bed, and I raced down to get my camera. I wanted a few photos of him before he turned two.

This time last year, he was just starting to walk and it was easy to get him to sit still for me. The photo above was from this time last year

I had to trick him a few times to get him to sit for half a second.

But he had other things on his mind!

Even though he is growing up he still loves his Bah Bah and Puppy. He doesn't go anywhere without at least one, if not both, of them!

I am very excited as to what this next year will hold for us! We will be moving to the new house soon, we will have lots of space to play inside and out. And this is the last summer we have together before I go back to school. 

Every single day with him is such a blessing and a joy. I couldn't imagine having it any other way. He has grown to be the sweetest, most kind and gentle loving boy I have ever met. 


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