Creamy Sausage Tortellini

I am a planner. So when it comes time for dinner, I already know how I'm going to attack it. I usually go through Pinterest the night before or the morning of and pick a recipe. Normally, I will modify it depending on what we have on hand or what my picky family will eat.

However, sometimes I have to go on the fly. Our family has been getting over strep so we haven't had a chance to get to the local farm to get our meat. Which means: no chicken, beef, or pork in the house. Thankfully, in my search for my last bottle of frozen Peppermint Creamer stashed in the bottom of our chest freezer I came across a pack of pre-cooked/ seasoned sausages my husband picked up at Sam's Club. Most of you know by now that we don't eat store meat. We only eat meat that has been locally raised. So that sausage has been in the freezer for a longgggggg time. But I was desperate. 

I rummaged around some more (feet high in the air because I can't reach the bottom without basically climbing in) and found two bags of tortellini's. With no recipe in hand, I had to just whip something up! So I did. And to my surprise it was a major hit!

Printable Recipe at the end!

First you are going to want to take either pre-cooked sausage or uncooked sausage and either cut them or crumble them in a pan on high. So many choices right!? 

Then you are going to add one clove of minced garlic. And sauté it in the sausage grease

Next you take one 20 oz can of diced tomatoes. Add them to the cooked meat. If you don't have diced tomatoes, no worries! Remember I was scrounging today and that's what I had. I really liked how it turned out because it gave some nice chunks to bite on! If you have spinach, dice it up a tad and toss it in. 

Next you're going reduce the heat to medium-low and take about 3oz of cream cheese and melt it into the sauce. If you want it creamier, like I did, add about 1/2 cup of greek yogurt. Or you can lighten it up even more and use milk. 

Once the sauce is done, start your pasta water. The reason for this is because the tortellini takes about 5 minutes to cook and you're going to want to toss them as soon as they're done! Once they've cooked, add them to the sauce.

If you find the sauce is rather thick, you can add a little bit of pasta water. I would say a tablespoon at a time. Or go a head and add some more milk. 



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