Paint :: Tile :: Appliances Oh My!

Wow! I can't believe that we broke ground at the beginning of December and this past week my showers were being tiled and my walls were being painted! When my husband and I first started to think about building a house, we had in mind that it would take a year or longer! Partly because of the cold Maine winters. I mean, no one builds in the winter right? Well, that's what we thought. I thought that they would dig the hole, it would snow, then they would tarp it over until Spring.

Things have been moving along so quickly, especially this week! Over the course of the week they finished drywalling, they primed, they're in the middle of painting....on a Saturday! Hard workers they are. My bathroom showers are being tiled by my mother's amazing husband who is a master tiler. His work is to die for. I can not wait to get him in the kitchen to do our back splash after our cabinets come next week. I feel like I need to have a "show-n-tell bathroom party" just to show off my new showers. Who knew white subway tiles could look so elegant?! Not I, until I scoured for hours days weeks on end to find exactly what I wanted. 

They will be grouted with extra white grout 

The white in the showers will match anything I use to decorate. That also goes for the color we have in the entire house. We decided to paint the house all one color to start then we will go back and paint each room ourselves. I have never lived in a house with white walls, until now. I hate it. I am a color person, and white on dingy white is not in my palette. When picking a neutral color for the new house I decided upon the ever popular Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It is the perfect "graige" color. Not too beige but it isn't a cold gray either. It has a warmth to it that I love. I don't want to live in a house that feels sterile. Then from here we can go just about any route with color since it will work seamlessly with anything we decide! And one awesome thing about this color is that it changes depending on the light. Sometimes it will look more beige and sometimes it will look absolutely gray!

We also got to pick out all our appliances yesterday! We walked in to the local appliance store (love shopping locally...oh and they price match - so why not!?) and handed the appliance man a stack of papers. It had everything we wanted. I think we made his day since he didn't have to "sell" us on anything. We had everything picked out and ready to go. A beautiful Samsung French Door fridge. A stunning Samsung Chef series 5-burner gas range, GE microwave for above the stove that is vented outside (no more smoking up the house with steak!), lovely GE dishwasher - omgggg to have a dishwasher againnnn!!!, and stunning slate gray stackable Samsung washer/gas dryer. I may actually want to do laundry with them! Everything is stainless and is going to go beautifully and we are super excited! 

But for now we have all of our lighting and bathroom fixtures stacked nicely in our basement just waiting for their new home. Our appliances should be arriving mid-week next week, and I'm hoping that we will be moving in by early April! 

Oh and I scored some awesome mirrors, at Lowe's of all places! The super large one was $39.99 and will go great in our dining room and the two smaller ones will work in the master bath above the double sinks, and they were $29.99 each! You can't even buy the glass for that cheap!


  1. Everything looks fantastic! This makes me so excited for when we finally PCS from Hawaii and are able to buy a house!

    1. Thank you!! Buying a house is so much fun but sooo stressful!! I tried to convince my husband to relocate us to Maui ;) He said no, but a girl can dream! We went on our honeymoon there and loved it.

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