My Amazing Body Product Find!

***this is not a sponsored post - just a really great find!***

I rarely fall in love with any body/makeup products. It's just not my thing. But when I find one that's so versatile (works for me and baby) I have to share!!

I know that coconut oil is all the rage now. Between the mysterious "oil pulling", which to me looks absolutely disgusting, to replacing all kitchen oils, and for hair treatments. I am sure by now you have heard of coconut oil, and if you haven't you must be living under a rock!

Before a few months ago my only use for coconut was when it was distilled in a bottle of Cruzan rum and mixed with some fruit juice with a cute umbrella. That all changed when my son's molars started to come in and it gave him a bad diaper rash. I tried just about everything: A&D, Destin, Butt Paste, baby power. I was about to give up and head to the doctors when my mom had suggest coconut oil. I huffed and rolled my eyes at her earthy crunchy suggestion but she still went to Trader Joe's and bought me a jar anyway. 

My heart broke so bad for my sons red bum and increasingly chapped cheeks that I was desperate, so I tried it. Ohhmyygaawwdd! It WORKED! Not only was his diaper rash cleared up in a day, his cheeks weren't chapped anymore. Clearly my mom was on to something. 

Living in Maine, where it snows 53 weeks out of the year, not only does my son's cheeks get chapped so does his whole body and mine as well. My skin is so incredibly dry to the point where I could scratch my name in the side of my leg. It's gross. But I have found that any of the lotions I had tried (and I've gone through the gamete) only made it worse. So I figured if that magical, white, melt in your hands, oil worked on his bum and cheeks, why wouldn't it work on my legs? 

I put off trying it on myself until we went to the Dominican last week. I had brought some with us because I knew Bub's would be eating a lot of pineapple and that will send him into red bum quicker than I can down a glass of wine. But after a day of being in the sun and being slathered with sunscreen, my skin needed a little TLC. I figured what the hay, I'll try it. Plus, I forgot my Cetaphil I use on my face. I thought it would make me feel greasy, but it soaked right in. It made my skin look ahhhhmazing! I even had my mom feel my leg (weird, I know) to show her what the coconut oil did for me!

Since our trip, I have ditched any and all lotions I had stashed around the house. I will never go back to using any of that junk. Now you may be thinking it's really expensive! At our local grocery store, in the health food section, a jar will run you $12 but at a place like Trader Joe's it will run you $4.99! What a steal! And a little goes a longgggg way. So long I will probably be using the jar for the next year. 

Oh yeah, and it was such a hit with my son and me, my husband wanted to try it. He used it the entire trip and once we got home!