From the Dominican to the Doctors...and Beyond!

Don't worry, I haven't gone MIA again! Well, I kinda did, but not really. As you may have read in my last post two weeks ago, I was on my way to the Dominican. No, no, I didn't sell everything and run away with my family to escape the 5 feet of snow we got over the past week. Although, it did cross my mind....every day while we were soaking up the sun on the beach with rum in hand. Actually, we had an amazing time and since we've been back we've been super busy! So here is the low down on what has happened in the last two weeks...since I know you've been waiting on the edge of your keyboard for an update!

To the Dominican! The flight down was very quick. We literally got to the gate for both flights and were able to board right away. Advantages of flying with a baby: priority boarding! And we upgraded to Delta's version of business class which meant more room, free booze, and we got a bulkhead seat! Which was enough room to change Bub's on the floor since the lavatories are tiny.

Mom (Gaga) made Bub's a quiet busy book! He loved it!!
We stayed at the Catalonia Bavaro Beach Resort in Punta Cana. It was massive. And to say that is even an understatement. I wore my Vivofit by Garmin to track my steps for the first few days just to see how many drinks I can have compared to how many calories I will burn walking to the beach. To my surprise I was walking about 10,000 steps, 5,000 more than my average every day milage. It was great though. Our room was right next to the beach and the furthest away from the unlimited calorie packed food. 

We hung out mostly on the beach and by the pool. They had cute little cabana's which was great for Bub's since I didn't really want him in the sun much. At night after putting Bub's to bed, my mother and her husband would come down to our first floor room (we requested first floor for this exact reason) and we had drinks and played cards. So much better than trying to be quiet in our room at 630pm while Bub's slept. 

Over the 8 day's that we were there my 21 month old son learned "HOLA" which was really "ODAA". He was the charmer of the resort, clearly! We did a little shopping and bought some locally painted canvases for our new home. I even let my husband pick one out! 

The trip back was fairly uneventful as well, after we got rerouted to ATL instead of JFK. That was because we were getting a massive Nor' Easter and over 7,200 flights were canceled in the North East. Yeah, not something we wanted to come home too. But we made it to Boston and then the 2.5 hour drive up to Maine in the middle of the night just fine.

So awesome to see Turks and Caicos from 36,000 ft up!
Since we have been home we have had 4 different storms, amounting in 5.5 FEET of snow. Yeah, I think we picked the wrong week to come home! Oh well, just makes us want to book another trip for next year. And boy doesn't my tan look good next to the stark white world around me!

You may have read (if you haven't you should) my last post and saw that my fur baby, Sadie, has been sick. Thankfully she has been doing much better. Unfortunately, my son is now very sick. He has had diarrhea and some vomiting for the last 5 days. I finally brought him in the to doctors yesterday and they sent me home with the  "poop collection" kit (their term not mine!). So, he pooped, and I collected and transported to the lab. I am now patiently waiting to hear back. Hopefully it is just an intestinal virus and not a parasite he picked up. 

But on a brighter note - while we were gone they sided our new house! And when we got back they insulated it! I'm hoping they are dry-walling today. It's super exciting and looks like we will be in much earlier than expected!

One last thing that has kept me away from my little slice of the internet: BeachBody! I am officially kicking off my Coaching job. It is super overwhelming but very exciting! I have had such an amazing transformation with 21 Day Fix that I wanted to help others have the same results!! If you are interested in losing weight and becoming healthy let me know! Visit my site:

As you can tell, I've been busy since we got back. I have not forgotten about my blog, and I have been itching to post! I will be positing again tomorrow....if I don't get buried in the next snow storm we are getting tonight!