Baked Bacon: A Healthy BLT

Who doesn't love bacon? That salty meaty goodness that melts in your mouth and goes with just about anything! Especially if you buy locally raised bacon like I do! Unfortunately, it's not too waist friendly when it's being fried in butter and grease. On my journey to being healthy and fit I have had to come up with different ways to cook and prepare my favorite foods in a healthy way but still preserving the taste. Like my mother always says "the flavor is in the fat". 

One of my most favorite ways of eating bacon is when it is smashed between twice pieces of bread, smothered in mayo, with lettuce and some juicy tomatoes. But when you order it at a restaurant you're looking at 800+ calories! That's crazy! It has veggies, so it's a healthy choice right? Nope. Wrong. 

Well bacon lovers, I have found the best of both worlds! A leaner way to prepare your bacon and a healthy take on the classic BLT.

Baked Bacon: A Healthy BLT

Baking bacon is such a much healthier way of preparing your bacon. Not only do you not use extra grease and butter, the fat doesn't taste gummy, you're not being splatted in the face with hot bacon grease, and it doesn't stink up the house. Super easy, healthy, and tasty!

Preparing the bacon:

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Place bacon in a single layer on a wire baking rack with a cookie sheet underneath. This will let the bacon grease drip right off

Cook for about 15 minutes or so. I like mine a little crispier, so just keep an eye on it and take it out when it get's to the doneness you like.

Place cooked bacon on paper towels and blot to get the rest of the grease off.



Make my delicious BLT!

2 Slices crusty artisan bread
2 Slices Bacon (I break them in half to layer)
2 tsp Greek Yogurt (mayo if you must)
***you can jazz up the yogurt with a dash of mustard or some spices)***
A few slices of tomatoes
Cooking Spray

How To Assemble
I love my BLT to have grilled bread, but I don't like it being grilled with butter.

Take the bread and place it in a satuee pan with cooking spray. 

"Grill" for a few minutes until golden brown

Slather on the greek yogurt

Layer on lettuce, bacon, and tomato


Super easy, and super yummy! I cook about a pound of bacon at a time (you don't get much once it's cooked) and it will make a few sandwiches. Take the left overs and place in a ziplock and throw in the fridge. It will last a day or two. 

21 Day Fix
1-2 Y (depending on the size of your bread)
1/2 R