Simple Shrimp Lunch

When I think of lunch my mind never thinks of shrimp. I think sandwiches, leftovers, panini, soup, salad, ect. But never shrimp. I'm not sure why either. For the past three months I have had a bag of frozen shrimp in my freezer. It has been literally been coming at me like an avalanche every time I've had to put something in the freezer, I should have taken that as a sign to eat it!

It wasn't until about 10 minutes ago when I went in search of the beautiful Delmonico steak and roasted potatoes we had for dinner that night that I realized it was gone! Yup, my husband had beat me to it and took it to work for lunch. A little part of me died in that moment. You know when you've been looking forward to a meal all day just to have your hopes and dreams crushed? I stood in front of the fridge in a coma. What will I eat nowwww??? I whined to myself but decided I had to think of something other than the PB&J my son was eating. So I pulled up my big girl panties, grabbed the fresh green beans and that bag of frozen shrimp basically leaped into my arms. 

This delicious lunch took all of 8 minutes to make and it looks so elegant for a mid-week lunch! It can also be paired with rice or any other side as a main course!

5-8 Large Shrimp
1 Cup Green Beans
1 tsp Butter or 1 tsp olive oil
1 tbs Parmesan Cheese

How To Cook:
Place frozen shrimp in a bowl and run under hot water until thawed

Peel the tail off the shrimp and de-vain (if it comes with veins...remember that's poop so get rid of it!)

Sautée green beans and shrimp with the butter  or olive oil in a pan on medium/high 

Once the shrimp is pink in color and opaque remove from heat

Let sit for about 2 minutes to cool enough then sprinkle with parmesan cheese. If you try and sprinkle it on when it's still super hot then it gets all gummy and gross!


21 Day Fix

Healthy Banana Pancakes

When I think of pancakes I think of a stack a foot tall smothered in butter and drowning in syrup. But when I fall back into reality, I realize that every bite is going straight to my rear. All that sugar, fat, and carbs are not only making me feel bloated after I eat it also forces me to go shopping....for bigger pants!

Now I will be the first to tell you: I loath banana's. I don't like the taste and I can't stand the texture. So when I heard about these healthy pancakes I quickly zoned out and went into my pancake heaven. However, since starting my journey to a healthier lifestyle I knew something had to give. I either would have to suffer with no pancakes at all or I would have to venture out and try something new. 

Good thing about living with a toddler is we always have banana's, or "nanas", and eggs in the house.  This recipes only calls for 4 ingredients and those are two of them! How great is that?! I was a tad skeptical when I first tried them, but I was absolutely amazed! I couldn't taste the banana and they were so filling! They're so filling because all they consist of is fruit and eggs (protein fills you up and keeps you full).

So here it is. My easy 4 ingredient non-banana tasting pancakes!

1 Ripe Banana
2 Eggs
1 Tsp baking soda (otherwise they're flatter than pancakes!)
1 Tsp Cinnamon 

How To Cook:
Turn the stove on to medium heat and spray the pan with cooking spray

Blend together all ingredients

Pour about 1/4 cup of the batter on the pan at a time. 

Flip once you're able to lift the edges up

***I found that if you spray the edge of the spatula with the cooking spray it keeps the banana from sticking then hardening to the tip. Doing this will make it easier to flip them

Add any kid of topping you like!!


21 Day Fix
Portion: Entire recipe!

Baked Parmesan Chicken Bites

If you have a family who loves chicken nuggets and tenders as much as I do then you have to check out this new healthy recipe! My family husband and toddler love those pre-cooked chicken tenders and nuggets from the frozen isle. I get a little squeamish about them since I know they are über unhealthy and I don't know where the chicken came from .... or it is really even chicken! That's when I decided to put my foot down and make my own.

If you have been following my blog, and you should be, you would have gathered by now that we only (with the exception of those mysterious bags of frozen nuggets that show up in my freezer after my husband goes to the store) only buy local meat at the farm down the road. You can honestly taste the difference in the meat and you know what you are getting! After watching Food Inc. my whole outlook changed. I would suggest any and all meat eaters take an hour and watch it. It's life changing.

That being said *off my meaty soapbox* I have a delicious and healthy alternative to those popcorn, tender, nugget style chicken thingys. Oh, and if you're a busy mom like me, you'll love that it only takes 15 minutes to make!

 1/2 pound of boneless chicken breast cut into 1" pieces
1/2 cup Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)
2 Eggs beaten
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese (fresh or store bought is fine)
1 Tbs Italian seasoning
1/2 Tbs paprika
salt and pepper to taste
Sprinkle of parsley for presentation

How to Cook:
Preheat oven (I actually used my convection toaster oven!) to 400º

Line cooking sheet with tin foil (I like as little clean up as possible) and spray lightly with cooking spray

Crack and beat eggs in a bowl

On a plate combine all dry ingredients

Take the cut chicken (in batches) and coat them in the egg

Take the egg coated chicken and dredge them in the Panko mixture and place on cooking sheet

Place the chicken so there is space between each piece so they get nice and crispy!

Cook for approx. 12-15 minutes. I have a convention toaster oven so mine cooked in 11 minutes. So keep an eye on it. When it's cooked the juices will run clear there the meat is white when cut open

Sprinkle the parsley on the chicken and sauce for a beautiful presentation 

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce!


21 Day Fix
(One red full)
1/2 B 
(You will have a lot of the egg and Panko mixture that went unused - I was very generous in the containers - listed here I think is a tad more then what you're actually eating but it was hard to tell with all that excess!)

Paint :: Tile :: Appliances Oh My!

Wow! I can't believe that we broke ground at the beginning of December and this past week my showers were being tiled and my walls were being painted! When my husband and I first started to think about building a house, we had in mind that it would take a year or longer! Partly because of the cold Maine winters. I mean, no one builds in the winter right? Well, that's what we thought. I thought that they would dig the hole, it would snow, then they would tarp it over until Spring.

Things have been moving along so quickly, especially this week! Over the course of the week they finished drywalling, they primed, they're in the middle of painting....on a Saturday! Hard workers they are. My bathroom showers are being tiled by my mother's amazing husband who is a master tiler. His work is to die for. I can not wait to get him in the kitchen to do our back splash after our cabinets come next week. I feel like I need to have a "show-n-tell bathroom party" just to show off my new showers. Who knew white subway tiles could look so elegant?! Not I, until I scoured for hours days weeks on end to find exactly what I wanted. 

They will be grouted with extra white grout 

The white in the showers will match anything I use to decorate. That also goes for the color we have in the entire house. We decided to paint the house all one color to start then we will go back and paint each room ourselves. I have never lived in a house with white walls, until now. I hate it. I am a color person, and white on dingy white is not in my palette. When picking a neutral color for the new house I decided upon the ever popular Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It is the perfect "graige" color. Not too beige but it isn't a cold gray either. It has a warmth to it that I love. I don't want to live in a house that feels sterile. Then from here we can go just about any route with color since it will work seamlessly with anything we decide! And one awesome thing about this color is that it changes depending on the light. Sometimes it will look more beige and sometimes it will look absolutely gray!

We also got to pick out all our appliances yesterday! We walked in to the local appliance store (love shopping locally...oh and they price match - so why not!?) and handed the appliance man a stack of papers. It had everything we wanted. I think we made his day since he didn't have to "sell" us on anything. We had everything picked out and ready to go. A beautiful Samsung French Door fridge. A stunning Samsung Chef series 5-burner gas range, GE microwave for above the stove that is vented outside (no more smoking up the house with steak!), lovely GE dishwasher - omgggg to have a dishwasher againnnn!!!, and stunning slate gray stackable Samsung washer/gas dryer. I may actually want to do laundry with them! Everything is stainless and is going to go beautifully and we are super excited! 

But for now we have all of our lighting and bathroom fixtures stacked nicely in our basement just waiting for their new home. Our appliances should be arriving mid-week next week, and I'm hoping that we will be moving in by early April! 

Oh and I scored some awesome mirrors, at Lowe's of all places! The super large one was $39.99 and will go great in our dining room and the two smaller ones will work in the master bath above the double sinks, and they were $29.99 each! You can't even buy the glass for that cheap!

Baked Bacon: A Healthy BLT

Who doesn't love bacon? That salty meaty goodness that melts in your mouth and goes with just about anything! Especially if you buy locally raised bacon like I do! Unfortunately, it's not too waist friendly when it's being fried in butter and grease. On my journey to being healthy and fit I have had to come up with different ways to cook and prepare my favorite foods in a healthy way but still preserving the taste. Like my mother always says "the flavor is in the fat". 

One of my most favorite ways of eating bacon is when it is smashed between twice pieces of bread, smothered in mayo, with lettuce and some juicy tomatoes. But when you order it at a restaurant you're looking at 800+ calories! That's crazy! It has veggies, so it's a healthy choice right? Nope. Wrong. 

Well bacon lovers, I have found the best of both worlds! A leaner way to prepare your bacon and a healthy take on the classic BLT.

Baked Bacon: A Healthy BLT

Baking bacon is such a much healthier way of preparing your bacon. Not only do you not use extra grease and butter, the fat doesn't taste gummy, you're not being splatted in the face with hot bacon grease, and it doesn't stink up the house. Super easy, healthy, and tasty!

Preparing the bacon:

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Place bacon in a single layer on a wire baking rack with a cookie sheet underneath. This will let the bacon grease drip right off

Cook for about 15 minutes or so. I like mine a little crispier, so just keep an eye on it and take it out when it get's to the doneness you like.

Place cooked bacon on paper towels and blot to get the rest of the grease off.



Make my delicious BLT!

2 Slices crusty artisan bread
2 Slices Bacon (I break them in half to layer)
2 tsp Greek Yogurt (mayo if you must)
***you can jazz up the yogurt with a dash of mustard or some spices)***
A few slices of tomatoes
Cooking Spray

How To Assemble
I love my BLT to have grilled bread, but I don't like it being grilled with butter.

Take the bread and place it in a satuee pan with cooking spray. 

"Grill" for a few minutes until golden brown

Slather on the greek yogurt

Layer on lettuce, bacon, and tomato


Super easy, and super yummy! I cook about a pound of bacon at a time (you don't get much once it's cooked) and it will make a few sandwiches. Take the left overs and place in a ziplock and throw in the fridge. It will last a day or two. 

21 Day Fix
1-2 Y (depending on the size of your bread)
1/2 R

Let's Beat The Winter Blues!

Happy Monday! Or perhaps it's an unhappy Monday if you're like me and you're having another foot of snow dumped on you. Yes that would make it 6.5 FEET in the last two week. Not my idea of fun. But you know what is?! Rocking a bikini on the beach this summer.

You know what they say (and if you don't I'm about to tell you) .... summer bodies are created in the winter! On my new journey down the Beachbody Coaching road, I have decided to host a 30 day fitness challenge! It's open to all fitness levels! 

Let me tell you a little bit about it:

I am extending this past 5 people!!! Grab your spot today!

 **A PROVEN program that you can do IN YOUR HOME and will last from 30-60 minutes a day for 21-90 days! 
**30 days of a dense dose of nutrition that will replace one meal a day.. how cool is that?!  
**An amazing support group full of women on the same journey as yourself!
**Coaching from myself that will include meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and motivation! 
** I AM DEDICATED TO GETTING YOU IN THAT BIKINI YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF! All you have to do is accept the challenge!

Sounds great right?! Well, I just finished a round of the 21 Day Fix and I had amazingggg results! I'm a mom of a toddler and I had been stuck in the same rut of not being able to get the baby weight off, kicking myself for not being able to, trying crash diets, and getting frustrated. It was a vicious cycle. What I didn't realize was that it is fairly simple to get your body in the shape you want. One of the most important things is having accountability and having a coach to be by your side!

In this day and age the best way to have accountability is on the internet. Hardly anyone has time to go to a meeting after work or support groups on the weekend. But we all have our phones or computers near by! My challenge group is Facebook based. There will be prizes at the end and accountability every day! You will be with other ladies and gents that are on the same path as you. Oh, and the croup is a CLOSED group so you can post and not have to worry about anyone outside the challenge seeing. 

Give me 30 days so you can prove to yourself that you can get the body you always wanted!!

Either click on the photo above to be sent to my Beachbody site to pick up your challenge pack or contact me a few different ways:

My Amazing Body Product Find!

***this is not a sponsored post - just a really great find!***

I rarely fall in love with any body/makeup products. It's just not my thing. But when I find one that's so versatile (works for me and baby) I have to share!!

I know that coconut oil is all the rage now. Between the mysterious "oil pulling", which to me looks absolutely disgusting, to replacing all kitchen oils, and for hair treatments. I am sure by now you have heard of coconut oil, and if you haven't you must be living under a rock!

Before a few months ago my only use for coconut was when it was distilled in a bottle of Cruzan rum and mixed with some fruit juice with a cute umbrella. That all changed when my son's molars started to come in and it gave him a bad diaper rash. I tried just about everything: A&D, Destin, Butt Paste, baby power. I was about to give up and head to the doctors when my mom had suggest coconut oil. I huffed and rolled my eyes at her earthy crunchy suggestion but she still went to Trader Joe's and bought me a jar anyway. 

My heart broke so bad for my sons red bum and increasingly chapped cheeks that I was desperate, so I tried it. Ohhmyygaawwdd! It WORKED! Not only was his diaper rash cleared up in a day, his cheeks weren't chapped anymore. Clearly my mom was on to something. 

Living in Maine, where it snows 53 weeks out of the year, not only does my son's cheeks get chapped so does his whole body and mine as well. My skin is so incredibly dry to the point where I could scratch my name in the side of my leg. It's gross. But I have found that any of the lotions I had tried (and I've gone through the gamete) only made it worse. So I figured if that magical, white, melt in your hands, oil worked on his bum and cheeks, why wouldn't it work on my legs? 

I put off trying it on myself until we went to the Dominican last week. I had brought some with us because I knew Bub's would be eating a lot of pineapple and that will send him into red bum quicker than I can down a glass of wine. But after a day of being in the sun and being slathered with sunscreen, my skin needed a little TLC. I figured what the hay, I'll try it. Plus, I forgot my Cetaphil I use on my face. I thought it would make me feel greasy, but it soaked right in. It made my skin look ahhhhmazing! I even had my mom feel my leg (weird, I know) to show her what the coconut oil did for me!

Since our trip, I have ditched any and all lotions I had stashed around the house. I will never go back to using any of that junk. Now you may be thinking it's really expensive! At our local grocery store, in the health food section, a jar will run you $12 but at a place like Trader Joe's it will run you $4.99! What a steal! And a little goes a longgggg way. So long I will probably be using the jar for the next year. 

Oh yeah, and it was such a hit with my son and me, my husband wanted to try it. He used it the entire trip and once we got home!

From the Dominican to the Doctors...and Beyond!

Don't worry, I haven't gone MIA again! Well, I kinda did, but not really. As you may have read in my last post two weeks ago, I was on my way to the Dominican. No, no, I didn't sell everything and run away with my family to escape the 5 feet of snow we got over the past week. Although, it did cross my mind....every day while we were soaking up the sun on the beach with rum in hand. Actually, we had an amazing time and since we've been back we've been super busy! So here is the low down on what has happened in the last two weeks...since I know you've been waiting on the edge of your keyboard for an update!

To the Dominican! The flight down was very quick. We literally got to the gate for both flights and were able to board right away. Advantages of flying with a baby: priority boarding! And we upgraded to Delta's version of business class which meant more room, free booze, and we got a bulkhead seat! Which was enough room to change Bub's on the floor since the lavatories are tiny.

Mom (Gaga) made Bub's a quiet busy book! He loved it!!
We stayed at the Catalonia Bavaro Beach Resort in Punta Cana. It was massive. And to say that is even an understatement. I wore my Vivofit by Garmin to track my steps for the first few days just to see how many drinks I can have compared to how many calories I will burn walking to the beach. To my surprise I was walking about 10,000 steps, 5,000 more than my average every day milage. It was great though. Our room was right next to the beach and the furthest away from the unlimited calorie packed food. 

We hung out mostly on the beach and by the pool. They had cute little cabana's which was great for Bub's since I didn't really want him in the sun much. At night after putting Bub's to bed, my mother and her husband would come down to our first floor room (we requested first floor for this exact reason) and we had drinks and played cards. So much better than trying to be quiet in our room at 630pm while Bub's slept. 

Over the 8 day's that we were there my 21 month old son learned "HOLA" which was really "ODAA". He was the charmer of the resort, clearly! We did a little shopping and bought some locally painted canvases for our new home. I even let my husband pick one out! 

The trip back was fairly uneventful as well, after we got rerouted to ATL instead of JFK. That was because we were getting a massive Nor' Easter and over 7,200 flights were canceled in the North East. Yeah, not something we wanted to come home too. But we made it to Boston and then the 2.5 hour drive up to Maine in the middle of the night just fine.

So awesome to see Turks and Caicos from 36,000 ft up!
Since we have been home we have had 4 different storms, amounting in 5.5 FEET of snow. Yeah, I think we picked the wrong week to come home! Oh well, just makes us want to book another trip for next year. And boy doesn't my tan look good next to the stark white world around me!

You may have read (if you haven't you should) my last post and saw that my fur baby, Sadie, has been sick. Thankfully she has been doing much better. Unfortunately, my son is now very sick. He has had diarrhea and some vomiting for the last 5 days. I finally brought him in the to doctors yesterday and they sent me home with the  "poop collection" kit (their term not mine!). So, he pooped, and I collected and transported to the lab. I am now patiently waiting to hear back. Hopefully it is just an intestinal virus and not a parasite he picked up. 

But on a brighter note - while we were gone they sided our new house! And when we got back they insulated it! I'm hoping they are dry-walling today. It's super exciting and looks like we will be in much earlier than expected!

One last thing that has kept me away from my little slice of the internet: BeachBody! I am officially kicking off my Coaching job. It is super overwhelming but very exciting! I have had such an amazing transformation with 21 Day Fix that I wanted to help others have the same results!! If you are interested in losing weight and becoming healthy let me know! Visit my site:

As you can tell, I've been busy since we got back. I have not forgotten about my blog, and I have been itching to post! I will be positing again tomorrow....if I don't get buried in the next snow storm we are getting tonight!