Off To Paradise!

As I write this, I am sitting in the passenger seat of my Jeep while my husband drives and my mother, son, and her husband are in the back seat. 

To most that wouldn't sound like fun, but for me it means that were finally on our way to the Dominican! Ahh yes, escaping our harsh cold Maine winter to lay on the beach and drink free booze for eight days. 

This past week has been an adventure of its own though. First, I find that my furbaby has kidney issues. I have been giving her antibiotics and running a subcutaneous line twice a day of ringers lactate to hydrate her. 

It's been hard knowing that we are leaving her and she is in pain. Hopefully she will hang tough until we get back then we will address what is going on. Poor Sadie. 

On a lighter note, our house is coming along quickly! We met with the builder, electrician, plumber, and GC to finalize the location of my soaking tub and all the outlets. And as we did our last drive-by on the way out of town we saw that they started siding today!

My kitchen!

Our beautiful house!

And lastly, we had to pack for this amazing trip. I have always been a carry-on gal. I did two trips to Europe, in the winter (think big jackets and boots) for 12 days with ONLY a carry on! 

Since having a child, that has all changed! We still managed to only bring one suitcase between the three of us, but we also had to bring the pack-n-play as the hotel could not guarantee a crib since its peak season, his car seat, and a ton of diapers. Good thing we brought along our built in babysitters (mom and her husband) to help us shlep our crap across the airport. 

All that fits into this.....

So here we are, flying down I-295 towards Boston. My husband annoyed since I'm blogging and not spending quality family time, my son trying to nap but Grandma is smothering him with kisses, and me just wanting the margarita I was promised when we arrive at our hotel in Boston. Then tomorrow we leave at 6am for paradise!

Oh and it's our 3 year anniversary tomorrow! Not a bad way to celebrate huh? :)


  1. Happy anniversary and hope you have a great trip! Lots of photo opps for you there I'm sure! Let's collaborate on something when you get back! I'll be brainstorming!

    1. Thank you!!! We had a blast. Now that life is back to semi-normal I'd love to get together and do something!! :)


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