'Twas The Weekend Before Christmas....

I don't know what we were thinking. It was Saturday afternoon and my husband got off the boat early so we decided to head to the mall to grab a few things. Now, let me start off by saying, I hate the mall. I hate everything that is the mall. I hate shopping. I hate gobs and gobs of greedy people. I hate when my road rage comes out because of the idiots who decide they need 3 parking spaces for their broken down Nissan.

Okay now that is out of the way, I can get on with it. We had to go to Sam's Club to stock up on the important things that make our family run i.e. cat litter. That is something you do not  want to run out of when you have 3 cats. So since we were heading in the direction of the mall, the only real mall in Maine, we decided to hit it up to grab a couple of things.

BAD IDEA! Not only did it not hit me that it was Saturday but it also didn't occur to us that it was the last Saturday before Christmas! Not until we circled the mall trying to find a spot, and finally pulled into a spot next to said broken Nissan and walked inside to see a half mile long line of screaming, crying, parents kids waiting to see Santa. I understand that a lot of peole love that kind of stuff, but I do not. I ran so fast past that line I think I knocked a few tots over with my tail wind. 

Thankfully we were on a mission and I knew exactly where things would be located. My Hubs and Bub's were trying their best to dodge and weave through people staying hot on my heals. It was not a complete forced march, we stopped for a few, and I mean about a nano-second, for Bub's to look at the trains. 

Once that nano-second was up, we were out of there! It was really cute because Bub's wanted to walk. I was a little hesitant to let him walk in the mall since it was so crowded, but he walked holding both of our hands through a sea of legs. Not a care in the world, going at his pace...which was surprisingly quick for having such short legs. He must take after me. 

After all the errands were done, we made our way to our favorite chicken wing joint in he area. I have to admit that Bub's is the best baby to take out to dinner. He is fascinated with other people and just loves to smile, flirt, and chat it up with anyone and everyone. 

Hub's and Bub's sat and read a new book while we waited for our delicious wings I sat and enjoyed my beer.

Okay I'll admit...this was the second time this week we went for wings!!!
Here was earlier this week

This weekend also consisted of some family snuggle time. When my husband has the day off from fishing or comes home early we love to snuggle as a family, eat popcorn, watch a movie, read books, ect. It's so relaxing and nice to have that kind of quality time together.

Then when Bub's goes to bed, lately Hub's and I have been playing card games. Right now our choice game has been Skip-Bo. 

I did actually get a few moments of "me" time while my husband was fishing and Bub's was sleeping which was super nice. I snuggled under a warm furry blanket with my tea, new laptop and my blog

So the weekend before Christmas when all through the world it's bat sh*t crazy, we are calm and enjoying family time.