My Walls Have Gone Up

In our new house!!!!
We were a little bummed that nothing really happened last week with our house. I understand that it was a holiday and yada yada, but still, they should have done something. So when Monday rolled around I figured since it was Monday nothing would be done either. I figured that the crew would be sobering up from their holiday hangover of candy, family, and Everest sized mountain of wrapping paper to make any progress. 

My husband had to go "fog out" his boat yesterday. Yeah I had to ask, actually a few times, what the heck that meant. No it's not some BroCode for going down to the wharf and drinking beers but something they have to do so their boat's don't freeze up in the extremely cold weather. Fortunately,   for me, he has to drive right by our partly constructed home on the way to the "fogging" of the boat. 

As my husband was leaving the house my mother showed up to visit, like she does most days. We were just settling in when I got a text from my husband saying "We have walls". Baffled that he did not feel the need to stop and take a picture, I jumped at the chance to head down there and see with my two eyes! My mom, Bubs, and I bundled up and headed down to the house.

The first story of our house is up!

Mom and Bubs in our kitchen!
View from our backroom/office/4th bedroom looking towards our kitchen/livingroom

Standing in my soon-to-be bathroom looking towards the front of the houseLooking out the picture window in our living room! I think Bubs loved it :)

Back of the house and our walkout basement. We will having a 12x16 back deck off of the sliding door.
So there you have it! Our house in progress! Can't wait for the second story to go up :)


  1. YAY!!! It's such a good start. I cannot wait to see the final product :)

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