Fresh Start!

Sometimes when you walk away from something for while then come back to it, you hate it. That's what happened with my blog. Not only did I lose my domain name but I also hated the look of my blog. It was peace-mealed together. It was the Charlie Brown of all blogs. Hideous. Something only my mother could love.

After having an eight month separation from Simply Anchored I realized if I was going to come back I would have to start fresh. I needed a new design. Something clean, something worthy of views, and something easy. Unfortunately, that last part doesn't come free. Nope, it'll cost ya. Fortunately, Etsy is my friend and my go-to for easy. With a few clicks, a few bucks out the window, I finally have a blog that is semi-new. 

It's like coming home from along vacation to newly washed sheets. No one wants to return to those crumpled dirty sheets that smell of cat. No you want to come home and lay your newly tanned body on those clean, tightly fitting, Gain smelling, 1,000 count sheets. Well this my friend, is my clean bed. Ahhhh .... feels so good!

Besides the aesthetics of my new blog there are a few minor changes. If you have noticed I have done away (really just hidden) my advertise page, gotten rid of all my bloggy-buttons, and simplified it to just my stuff. I did this for two reasons. 

Reason One:
I can't keep up with it. It was great having people contacting me to advertise. Checking Passionfruit Ads every day to see people buying space on my blog! I mean how great is that? It was swell, but I couldn't keep up with it. I had to choose between actually blogging or having those lovely bloggers buy space on my blog then have it do nothing for them. 

Reason Two:
I need to get back to the basics. I need to focus on just blogging. I miss it. I miss writing. I miss the comments and connections I had made. This is where my focus needs to be. I will, at some point, bring those pages and opportunities back, but for right now it needs to hide in my back seat. 

Well, I believe that is all. I have had a face-lift, I have removed distracting obligations, and now I can just write.