Easy + Healthy Beef Fajita's

Who doesn't love Mexican food? I do! Especially with a side of Margarita's! But when I'm making it at home I keep it simple. And by simple I mean stale chips and orange goo cheese simple. Well not quiet but I do keep it to a minimum of 20 minutes cook time and few ingredients.

Being a mom of a toddler and a wife to a commercial fisherman I have to be able to whip things up. Especially since I never know what time my husband will be off the boat. I don't want to make something too early then it be cold but I also don't want him to come home and have to wait an hour for dinner. This meal I can cook once he's given me the 20 minute heads up he's off the boat. 

 1 lbs minute steak or shaved steak of any kind
Tortilla's (Flour/corn/rice/FlatOut)
1 Green pepper
1/2 Onion
1Tbs evoo
1 Cup brown rice
Taco Seasoning


1 hour before - marinate steak that has been cut into small piece with taco seasoning and a splash of water in a bag.

Cook 1 cup of rice with 2 cups of water as directed by the package. 
(bring to a boil then once it's at a boil turn it down to simmer for about 20 minutes - leaving the lid ON! No peeking)

Slice onion and green peppers into long thin strands and sauté them on high in the evoo until very tender. Once cooked place in a bowl and set aside

Take the marinated steak and toss into the pan. It will cook very quickly... hence minute steak.

Toss the tortilla's in the microwave and zap them for about 15 seconds to get nice and warm or you could warm them in the oven as well. 

Place the veggies in the tortilla then the steak. Plunk some rice down and some salsa on the side and you've got a yummy and easy Mexican fajita!

This recipe lends itself to all sorts of variations! So add some spice, mix in ifferent veggies, or sub out chicken or fish!

21 Day Fix
1Y (if using corn tortilla or FlatOut - 2Y if using flour)
1Y (Rice)
1/2P (salsa)