Domain-less and BACK!

I know I said that I was back in my last blog post....which was back in APRIL! Yikes! I'm sure you all have missed me, photos of my adorable son, and my sputtering of nonsense. I feel like I owe everyone a little low down on where I have been for the past few months and what is coming up over the winter!

Okay, let me catch you up:

My son turned 1
He was walking
I stopped blogging
I realized that I didn't need blogging as an escape
I was getting ready to start Anatomy & Physiology (A&P)

I became all consumed with the start of A&P
My husband started his fishing season

In the depths of my class
Went to the beach a lot to escape studying and let my burn off some energy
Had family in town

This Fall:
Ended A&P I (with an A)
Started and finished A&P II (with an A-)
Health concerns with my mom - and she's healing and doing well!
Trips out of state
Been catching up on all trash tv!

So that's kinda what I have been up too. It's not that I didn't like blogging, I just had other priorities. Also before, as in last Fall and Winter, I was really having a hard time with PPD and I used it as an escape. But things have been so much better since our trip to Florida last March. I have been, finally, feeling so much better and more myself. So I haven't needed it as much. I felt like a weight was lifted off but I still really missed blogging/writing....and that's why I'm back!

Last night I was sitting down watching some tv and I thought I'd check on a few bloggers that I used to follow and see what they were up too. It really got my heart beating in the blogging department. So I did what I haven't done since April.... I visited my blog. It was saddening. No visits, no new posts, outdated photos...and worst of domain name was gone. I was devastated. I guess during my busy summer I hadn't kept up with renewing my domain name so they took it back. So I am in the works of getting it back - hopefully.

Until then, here I am (aka Kinda annoying, but hey, what can you do besides harass the people at NetworkSolutions into giving me my domain back.

But until that happens, here I am, .blogspot and back to blogging. Back to keeping everyone updated on the happenings in my life.

Speaking of happenings, my family has some really big ones happening right now! We are building a house! Yay!

Come back for an update of what's coming up for this winter and, well, just to hear me spew about my life!

Feel free to leave me love down below :)

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