All Is Calm During Crazy Time

While the rest of the world is going bat sh*t crazy, spending gobs and gobs of money, hiding little elves to keep their kids in line, and spreading holiday cheer my little family just doesn't. Sure my husband loves Christmas and really wants to get into it but I have been named the Scrooge/Grinch/Hater of all things Christmas.

Growing up it was never a big thing. We got a few presents, a Charlie Brown tree that we hacked down ourselves, and strung a few lights after spending hours unknotting them and replacing all the broken lights. It was more about the trip out of state to see my cousins I hadn't seen in a year. More about family - not gifts. 

So to me it's not a big deal and I cringe when I see people going crazy this time of year. Have we lost the sense of family this time of year? Just because you buy gifts out of obligation does not mean that you are getting quality time with your family. Wasn't Thanksgiving just a few weeks ago where we spent an entire day being thankful for what we already have?  But before I dig myself a big blogger hole and I get hated on for dulling Rudolph's red nose I'll just show you our calm Christmas time (aka normalcy).


But before we move on I want to put it out there that I know people loveeee Christmas and I would never want to take that away from them. These are my own personal feelings and thoughts. To each their own and I love when people have a passion for things - this is just not mine. 

Grocery Shopping with my Bub's and Mom

Excited to wake up and see 'SNEWWWW'

We did buy gifts - a couple for those we love

Taking a trip in our PJ's to visit the new house!

Good 'Ol Selfie on the way to the new house

No holiday evening if complete without wine

Being silly


Finishing up a few gifts ... and a little Champs :)