Adult Milestones

Well a lot has happened since I decided to vanish for a few months. As previously stated in my last post (which you obviously read) we have some exciting news: we're building a house! Not a Barbie house, not a dog house, nor a hobbit house (although my husband would have not contested) but a true blue adult house.

Adult....that word, even at 28.5 years old, still sounds scary. Wasn't I just sitting in study hall yesterday? Wasn't my mom still driving me to the movies? Nope. I'm married, have a toddler! and building a house. And with a house comes bills. Yeah study hall and all it's simplicity sounds good right about now.

In all seriousness, we are truly excited. It's a big leap into the realm of homeownership and one we are willing and ready to do head first. Thankfully we are only moving a few minutes down the road. We are leaving our cute little townhouse in our cute little town to be closer to my husband's job. Which you all know, because you love my blog and follow me, that he is a lobsterman, so being close to his boat when he has to be on it at 4:30am in a big deal. Apparently he wasn't too fond of the 20 minute commute and is looking forward to is 6 minute commute this summer.

I, on the other hand, still like the idea of my mother driving me to the mall and the movies (aka the wine bar and Trader Joes) and I am very sad that she will no longer be 3 minutes down the road. If only the umbilical cord would stretch the 12 miles we will be apart. But I guess at age 28.5 it was bound to be cut.

We will be moving into a small community that has a few children and is on a dead end. Perfect for Bub's to run and play. We will have a large front yard and a good size back yard...which will house a pool in my near future... which was decided when I agreed to move away from my mother and into the depths of the Maine coast. This lovely community also offers us neighbors that we will love instantly! Meaning our good friends will be three houses down. Yay!

I will be updating the progress of the building/decorating/moving along the way. In the meantime I will be filling my virtual shopping bags with all sorts of amazing pins from Pinterest!

The forms are up and the foundation is setting!

Another view :)

Hubby checking out our soon to be walk-out basement!

Pano of the foundation after the forms had been taken off and it had been filled in.

Our excavator guy working hard on finishing the leach field

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Hi! Saw your cute blog on Fresh Face Friday :) Congrats on your new house! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

    1. Christine, thank you for visiting! And thanks on the congrats :) It's super exciting!!

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