15 Changes for 2015

I am not big on resolutions since I believe we can start something new anytime of the year. But with the old and still used motto "everyone else is doing it" so will I.

2014 only has hours left and I have mixed feelings about how it went. I had my ups and downs. I aced two anatomy classes, my baby grew way too quickly, we started to build our first house, my mom had a serious health concern, and  I felt stretched very thin. But every experience is something to learn from, to grow from. So, I wanted to write out my 2015 goals.... they aren't new but ones I've been trying to implement lately.

1. Stop Taking Responsibility For Other People's Actions
I have a nasty habit of feeling so responsible for other peoples actions. I always feel like I have to be on alert when certain people are in a room together that I know have tension - as if it's my responsibility to make it okay. I need to STOP that! I can only worry about my actions.

2. Make More Of An Effort
I will be the first to admit that I dropped the ball on a lot of things this year while trying to pick up a bunch more. My friendships have suffered. Now that school is over for the time being I will make a giant effort to clear my schedule for visits, I will make an effort to send that first text message/e-mail/phone call. I cherish my friends.

 I have a feeling this will be on a lot of peoples lists this year, and it's a good one! We are always so wrapped up in our phones/social media we are missing the world around use while we catch up on how everyone else is living their lives! I plan to keep my phone out of my hand during the day. I'll still have it on since we don't have a house phone, but no social media app's will be opened. 

4. More Tea, Less Wine
I feel some people cringing when they read that. Don't get me wrong, I loveeeee my wine, and I appreciate quality wine. But, let's be realistic, I don't need it every night. So my goal is to have more tea at night, which will help me sleep, help my wallet out, and is better for my health. 

5. Laundry
Now I'm cringing. I hate laundry. I know a lot of you do too, but not only do I hate it, I don't do it. I let it pile up on the floor until my husband gets sick of it and does it for me. At almost 29, you think I wouldn't leave my clothes around like a 12 year old, but I do. I am slowly, and will continue to, work on my laundry habits. . . 

6. "Do What I Can" Attitude
I am a very all or nothing kinda girl. I usually lean more to the all side but sometimes I'm more on the nothing side. Like with exercise. If I miss my workout in the morning I figure the day is lost. But my new attitude is that it's not all lost, even if I get in 10 minutes of that 30 minute workout, it's better than nothing.

7. Let 'Em Be Messy
I have a hard time letting my son get messy. My mother makes fun of me saying that I am going to wipe my son's skin right off his face when I clean up after lunch. I am going to search out some fun toddler activities and try them....no matter if they are messy! If there is paint...then we will paint *cringe*. If there is water, then let the flood gates open. You get the idea. 

8. The Dentist
I am terrified of the dentist. I haven't been in YEARS. I know it's so bad not to go, and I know I need some work done, but I can't get myself to make the call. So after the first of the year, since it's kinda late now, I will be making that appointment. I may have to take some Xanax, but by-golly I will have my tush in that ugly green pleather chair before my birthday.

9. Grow This Blog
Now that I'm back blogging, and have a renewed love for it, it's time to grow it. Last night I hit 60k views. It as such a great way to end 2014. But I have bigger goals for this little piece of the internet. I will be more active in social media, consistent blogging, and growing relationships in the bloggy world.

10. Not Letting My Blog Take Over Family Time
I think that's why I stopped blogging back in April, it was taking time away from my family. I was all-consumed in making money with my blog, which I did, that I forgot why I started and my family was suffering. I have rid my page of my PR/Advertise section and I'm only focusing on growing it right now. 

11. Love My Fur-Babies
Since having Bubs my fur-babies have taken a back seat. I feel so horrible but I heard that it is very normal for this to happen. Fortunately, one of my babies, my precious, loving princess, still sleeps next to my face every night. I vow to them, to give them more of my attention and love. They deserve it and need it.

12. Go Outside More!
Here, in Maine, it get's cold in August September. It can make it hard to go outside with a little one, but it's not good for anyone's health or psyche to stay inside all the time. Right now, as I write this, it is 8 degrees outside. But on those rare Maine winter days where the sun is shinning and it's 39 degrees, I will bundle my babe up in the stroller and go out for some fresh air. And when it snows, we will try out his new snow gear!

13. Let Go
We are moving to our newly constructed house this spring and we have an entire townhouse to pack up. This is my chance to purge things that I don't need/use/want. I didn't really have a chance when we got married to go through my stuff since my mother moved me out while were in Maui on our honeymoon. This is my chance to get rid of things. Start fresh in our new home without clutter and junk. 

14. Me Time
When you're a mom and a wife it can be very hard to find time for yourself. When my husband is home the last thing I want to do is leave and go do something for myself. No, I'd rather be home with my family. But I have found that even if it's picking up my camera and going to shoot the sunrise for an hour, getting my much needed split ends chopped off, or going to my mom's sans baby, it's good for my mental health. And it's okayyy! It doesn't mean I don't love being with my family. No, it mean's that I love my family enough to rejuvenate my mind so they don't have the wrath of a tired, cooped-up mom on their hands. 

15. Have Fun!
This should be everyone's goals. Just have fun. This year will go by as fast as every other. You will have ups and downs. You will succeed at some of your goals and will fail at others. It's okay. What happens in your life is what makes up who you are. If you find the positive in each day and learn to laugh during the hard times, things will be easier, I promise. So try to have fun, realize 2015 is just a number, not a defining moment in time. 

My Walls Have Gone Up

In our new house!!!!
We were a little bummed that nothing really happened last week with our house. I understand that it was a holiday and yada yada, but still, they should have done something. So when Monday rolled around I figured since it was Monday nothing would be done either. I figured that the crew would be sobering up from their holiday hangover of candy, family, and Everest sized mountain of wrapping paper to make any progress. 

My husband had to go "fog out" his boat yesterday. Yeah I had to ask, actually a few times, what the heck that meant. No it's not some BroCode for going down to the wharf and drinking beers but something they have to do so their boat's don't freeze up in the extremely cold weather. Fortunately,   for me, he has to drive right by our partly constructed home on the way to the "fogging" of the boat. 

As my husband was leaving the house my mother showed up to visit, like she does most days. We were just settling in when I got a text from my husband saying "We have walls". Baffled that he did not feel the need to stop and take a picture, I jumped at the chance to head down there and see with my two eyes! My mom, Bubs, and I bundled up and headed down to the house.

The first story of our house is up!

Mom and Bubs in our kitchen!
View from our backroom/office/4th bedroom looking towards our kitchen/livingroom

Standing in my soon-to-be bathroom looking towards the front of the houseLooking out the picture window in our living room! I think Bubs loved it :)

Back of the house and our walkout basement. We will having a 12x16 back deck off of the sliding door.
So there you have it! Our house in progress! Can't wait for the second story to go up :)

Easy + Healthy Beef Fajita's

Who doesn't love Mexican food? I do! Especially with a side of Margarita's! But when I'm making it at home I keep it simple. And by simple I mean stale chips and orange goo cheese simple. Well not quiet but I do keep it to a minimum of 20 minutes cook time and few ingredients.

Being a mom of a toddler and a wife to a commercial fisherman I have to be able to whip things up. Especially since I never know what time my husband will be off the boat. I don't want to make something too early then it be cold but I also don't want him to come home and have to wait an hour for dinner. This meal I can cook once he's given me the 20 minute heads up he's off the boat. 

 1 lbs minute steak or shaved steak of any kind
Tortilla's (Flour/corn/rice/FlatOut)
1 Green pepper
1/2 Onion
1Tbs evoo
1 Cup brown rice
Taco Seasoning


1 hour before - marinate steak that has been cut into small piece with taco seasoning and a splash of water in a bag.

Cook 1 cup of rice with 2 cups of water as directed by the package. 
(bring to a boil then once it's at a boil turn it down to simmer for about 20 minutes - leaving the lid ON! No peeking)

Slice onion and green peppers into long thin strands and sauté them on high in the evoo until very tender. Once cooked place in a bowl and set aside

Take the marinated steak and toss into the pan. It will cook very quickly... hence minute steak.

Toss the tortilla's in the microwave and zap them for about 15 seconds to get nice and warm or you could warm them in the oven as well. 

Place the veggies in the tortilla then the steak. Plunk some rice down and some salsa on the side and you've got a yummy and easy Mexican fajita!

This recipe lends itself to all sorts of variations! So add some spice, mix in ifferent veggies, or sub out chicken or fish!

21 Day Fix
1Y (if using corn tortilla or FlatOut - 2Y if using flour)
1Y (Rice)
1/2P (salsa)

Easy Monday Night Dinner

Just because it's Monday night doesn't mean we have to succumb to Mac N Cheese or takeout. We can actually have a healthy and quick dinner! Hallelujah!

So who doesn't like chicken? Okay, so maybe I didn't for 12 years. Yeah, one time I opened my moms freezer and a whole chicken fell out and I was so terrified of chicken that I left it there for seven hours.....defrosting on the floor.... not my finest hour or hourssss.

So here it is: Easy tasty chicken and green beans

This isn't some gourmet meal nor is it very original. But it IS fast, tasty, and something you can throw together that will please the entire family!

1 chicken breast
=2 tablespoons Italian dressing
4 cups green beans
1 tablespoon butter
Sprinkle parm cheese

Place chicken and dressing in a ziplock bag. Mix together. If you can, let it marinate for at least an hour - if you can't it's not a biggie.

Preheat oven to 375. Place chicken in oven and cook for 20-25 minutes. Or until cooked though.

In a pan place green beans and butter. Sauté until the green beans are tender but not soggy. No one likes soggy beans.

Take the beans off the heat and let cool for a few minutes then add the parm. 

Then throw chicken and beans on a plate, add some wine, and enjoy your delicious Monday night dinner!!

21 Day Fix

My Fitness Journey + New Year's Resolution

Since my child was born I have struggled getting the weight off. People said it would fall right off like a dress on prom night, but trust me that didn't happen! I had no energy to exercise, I was always hungry but eating terrible foods, and I just figured I could ride the "I just had a baby" train for a while. Well it's been 20 months and that train has been parked at the station and begging me to get off.

I had purchased BeachBody's T25 after being up in the middle of the night with my baby boy and watching the infomercial. I figured it was only 25 minutes and anyone could do that. I then excitedly purchased it and figured I'd be ripped in 30 days. Yea, no. Doesn't happen like that. Though the workouts were amazing, I wasn't able to do them every day since my baby was still so young and needed me during those short 25 minute workouts. But more than that I was still eating like a teenage boy. Pizza, soda, candy, anything and everything I could get my hands on. This was partly because I was nursing and was famished all the time! But partly because I had my first class seat on the "I just had a baby" train. My excuses ran out of value at about 3 months postpartum. 

I struggled and struggled for months after that. I went to Weight Watchers, I tried counting calories with MyFitnessPal, and I tried a local fitness challenge. But nothing was working. All it was teaching me was that to lose weight I had to obsess over numbers. And let me tell you, I HATE numbers! I'm bad at math and counting makes me sad and being sad makes me want to eat. All that being said, I gave up. I accepted the fact that I was overweight and that is who I was going to be.

But all that changed around August. I, again, was up and watching infomercials (you would think with 700 channels I'd find something else to watch) and I got sucked in to the 21 Day Fix by BeachBody.  I thought it was a little gimmicky with their Life Savor colored containers and this tiny little fitness girl saying that she uses portion control. I mean, come on! Perhaps it was my urge to spend money or my need to buy another fitness program to blame my weight loss fail on, that I purchased the program regardless.

When the program arrived I started right away. I'm not one to wait until Monday to start a new thing because once Monday comes I'll put it off and do it the next week. Before I know it a whole year of Monday's have gone by. So I started. I did 5 out of the 7 workouts that week and used those colored containers religiously. I lost 5lbs. I did "cheat" a little by having my wine. But the way I look at it is that it is not a diet but a lifestyle change. Portion control and clean eating is not a quick fix. It's a change. I was not and will not give up some of the small pleasures in life.

I was hooked from the first day. I was feeling better. The workouts were lower impact so I didn't hurt my already tender knee and the fitness gal wasn't annoying! Even my 20 Month old loves to workout with me!

Fast forward through the holidays, all the food, family time, and throwing clean eating out the window (well not completely). I didn't gain any weight because I was more conscious about what I was eating and I was getting my workouts in when I could.

It is almost New Years and all those weight loss resolutions are starting to surface all over social media. Most will fail within the first few weeks of 2015 but not mine. I started my resolution a little while back at the start of the 21 Day Fix. I don't believe that you should wait until the New Year to start something new - to change your life around. If you truly want to change, start now!

 I started my healthy lifestyle on a random day in a random month. However, what I will start for the new year (actually 5 days early) is being a BeachBody Coach. I just opened my coach "business" partly for the discount (I will not lie - no one likes to pay full price for anything) but also because I love to help people. I have seen changes in myself and I know I can help others see changes. I talk enough about the program to anyone and everyone, I might as well be able to help too!

So here it is, the end of 2014 and my struggle to grasp on to anything that will help with my health and the beginning of 2015 where I have changed my lifestyle and am able to help others do the same. I am excited for this new venture of health and fitness as well as helping those achieve what I have in these past few weeks!

Oh, plus I have a trip to the Dominican planned for 20 day's from now....that gives me a little incentive too ;)

*If you or someone you know has been interested in the BeachBody Programs, 21 Day Fix, or have questions please contact me! I have recipes here on my blog that work with the 21 Day fix and are delicious - check them out

All Is Calm During Crazy Time

While the rest of the world is going bat sh*t crazy, spending gobs and gobs of money, hiding little elves to keep their kids in line, and spreading holiday cheer my little family just doesn't. Sure my husband loves Christmas and really wants to get into it but I have been named the Scrooge/Grinch/Hater of all things Christmas.

Growing up it was never a big thing. We got a few presents, a Charlie Brown tree that we hacked down ourselves, and strung a few lights after spending hours unknotting them and replacing all the broken lights. It was more about the trip out of state to see my cousins I hadn't seen in a year. More about family - not gifts. 

So to me it's not a big deal and I cringe when I see people going crazy this time of year. Have we lost the sense of family this time of year? Just because you buy gifts out of obligation does not mean that you are getting quality time with your family. Wasn't Thanksgiving just a few weeks ago where we spent an entire day being thankful for what we already have?  But before I dig myself a big blogger hole and I get hated on for dulling Rudolph's red nose I'll just show you our calm Christmas time (aka normalcy).


But before we move on I want to put it out there that I know people loveeee Christmas and I would never want to take that away from them. These are my own personal feelings and thoughts. To each their own and I love when people have a passion for things - this is just not mine. 

Grocery Shopping with my Bub's and Mom

Excited to wake up and see 'SNEWWWW'

We did buy gifts - a couple for those we love

Taking a trip in our PJ's to visit the new house!

Good 'Ol Selfie on the way to the new house

No holiday evening if complete without wine

Being silly


Finishing up a few gifts ... and a little Champs :)

Breakfast of Champions

I will be the first to admit, that unless breakfast is being served to me in a local diner, I don't usually eat it. Who has time to sit down and make breakfast in the morning with a toddler running around, a sink full of dishes, and about 598 loads of laundry to do? I sure don't.

However, this has all changed since I started this new lifestyle change of eating clean. I knew that if I didn't eat something in the morning I would be grabbing for the closest bag of chips come 10am.

I have always liked eggs, meat of just about any sort and I have a new found love for pico de gallo since being in Mexico two years ago. I always have some on hand because it's super easy to make. 

One morning, not too long ago, I knew I had to make myself something but I was sick of fried eggs and all I really had in the fridge was a few eggs, one serving of pico de gallo and some deli ham slices that were going to go bad if I didn't eat them that day. This is when I decided I would attempt an omelette. 

Let me be honest with you. I went through 4 eggs before this beauty came out. I had never made an omelette before, and after watching a few youtube (yes I know, laugh all you want) videos, ruining a few good eggs, I finally had the hang of it. 

SO here it is hungry folks - my beauty of an omelette filled with ham and pico de gallo:

3 Eggs
2 Tbs water
Splash of milk
Cooking Spray
2-3 slices Deli meat (any kind)
Pico de gallo or salsa

Whisk eggs, water, and milk in a bowl while you heat a pan on med-low

Pour egg mixture into pan and let the edges start to set

Once they start to set drag the edges towards the center. This will allow the center (uncooked egg) to flood the edges and cook. 

Once the egg is cooking chop up deli meat

Once the egg is fully cooked (about 5-7 minutes) slide on to a plate. I do not add the toppings until the egg is on the place because it's too hard to transfer. 

Add toppings and fold in half!

Enjoy :)

21 Day Fix
2 R  (Deli meat 1/2 Egg 1.5)
1.5 G


I'm going to make this quick and sweet. I have #Instagram. I can now hashtag out my bum like everyone in this world seems to do.

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my #InstaName is: simplyanchored 

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'Twas The Weekend Before Christmas....

I don't know what we were thinking. It was Saturday afternoon and my husband got off the boat early so we decided to head to the mall to grab a few things. Now, let me start off by saying, I hate the mall. I hate everything that is the mall. I hate shopping. I hate gobs and gobs of greedy people. I hate when my road rage comes out because of the idiots who decide they need 3 parking spaces for their broken down Nissan.

Okay now that is out of the way, I can get on with it. We had to go to Sam's Club to stock up on the important things that make our family run i.e. cat litter. That is something you do not  want to run out of when you have 3 cats. So since we were heading in the direction of the mall, the only real mall in Maine, we decided to hit it up to grab a couple of things.

BAD IDEA! Not only did it not hit me that it was Saturday but it also didn't occur to us that it was the last Saturday before Christmas! Not until we circled the mall trying to find a spot, and finally pulled into a spot next to said broken Nissan and walked inside to see a half mile long line of screaming, crying, parents kids waiting to see Santa. I understand that a lot of peole love that kind of stuff, but I do not. I ran so fast past that line I think I knocked a few tots over with my tail wind. 

Thankfully we were on a mission and I knew exactly where things would be located. My Hubs and Bub's were trying their best to dodge and weave through people staying hot on my heals. It was not a complete forced march, we stopped for a few, and I mean about a nano-second, for Bub's to look at the trains. 

Once that nano-second was up, we were out of there! It was really cute because Bub's wanted to walk. I was a little hesitant to let him walk in the mall since it was so crowded, but he walked holding both of our hands through a sea of legs. Not a care in the world, going at his pace...which was surprisingly quick for having such short legs. He must take after me. 

After all the errands were done, we made our way to our favorite chicken wing joint in he area. I have to admit that Bub's is the best baby to take out to dinner. He is fascinated with other people and just loves to smile, flirt, and chat it up with anyone and everyone. 

Hub's and Bub's sat and read a new book while we waited for our delicious wings I sat and enjoyed my beer.

Okay I'll admit...this was the second time this week we went for wings!!!
Here was earlier this week

This weekend also consisted of some family snuggle time. When my husband has the day off from fishing or comes home early we love to snuggle as a family, eat popcorn, watch a movie, read books, ect. It's so relaxing and nice to have that kind of quality time together.

Then when Bub's goes to bed, lately Hub's and I have been playing card games. Right now our choice game has been Skip-Bo. 

I did actually get a few moments of "me" time while my husband was fishing and Bub's was sleeping which was super nice. I snuggled under a warm furry blanket with my tea, new laptop and my blog

So the weekend before Christmas when all through the world it's bat sh*t crazy, we are calm and enjoying family time.

Creamy Tarragon & Sausage Pasta!

I love pasta. Everything about pasta. Unfortunately, pasta loves me. It loves to hug my hips, my belly and my inner thighs. Over the past year or so I have really cut back on my pasta consumption, so when I do make pasta I make sure that it is a mouth watering kinda meal.

I remember the first time I had ever had tarragon. My mother and I were sitting in a small bistro in Paris and we ordered a poulet dish off the menu since I knew poulet = chicken. After a few moments of silence with our poutlet masterpiece that was set in front of us my mother started to dissect the flavors. The first one was tarragon. It had such a distinct flavor that I had never encountered before. But my word, it was one that I would never forget. I dream about that juicy poulet tarragon dish often. 

Since I have taken to cooking lately I have been looking for ways to incorporate that delicious herb into a yummy dish that was somewhat reminiscent of that fine French cuisine. 

So here it is. My locally raised sausage, tarragon, veggies, and a yummy cream sauce. Drool over the photo then scroll right on down and take a peek at the recipe!

1 lbs sweet sausage (mine is from a local farm)
1 lbs pasta (I used whole wheat penne)
1/2 White onion - chopped
2 Cloves garlic - minced
1 Tbs Tarragon
1 Cup spinach
1 Cup cherry tomatoes halved
1 Cup milk
1 Tbs flour
1 Tbs Evoo

Boil a pot of water for pasta

Sauté garlic and onions in evoo until tender, being careful not to burn the garlic, then remove from pan and set aside

Cook sausage in pan on high, making sure to cook all the way through

Add the tarragon to the cooked sausage then remove and place in the bowl with the garlic and onions. 

Turn down the pan to medium heat and in the pan drippings from the sausage, add the flour and stir, slowly adding 1/2 the milk (1/2 cup). This will make a roux and is what will thicken the sauce. 

Continue stirring until it starts to thicken then add onions, garlic, and sausage. 

Mix all together then add the rest of the milk, bringing the heat down to low. 

Stirring every few minutes, let the sauce thicken until the pasta is done.

Once the pasta is done, save a few tablespoons of the pasta water (just in case your sauce is too think) 

Drain pasta and mix in with the sausage. 

Once you are ready to serve, add the tomatoes and spinach. The spinach will wilt fast and the tomatoes will soften quickly, so add it last so it doesn't get mushy. 

Serve and enjoy!

This will make enough for about 8 people!

21 Day Fix
Portion = 1 Green
1/2 G
1 R
1 Y
1 tsp

Healthy Quesadilla Burger

There isn't much that is better than a burger mixed with a quesadilla. I mean seriously. Cheese, meat, more cheese, tortillas, sauce, and salsa...what's better!? Unfortunately for some of us, it's not too waist (and hips, and butt, and belly) friendly.

After splurging on a quesadilla burger at Applebee's (and feeling like a bloated grease ball afterwards) I knew there had to be a way I could eat this and not feel so guilty and it wouldn't completely wreck my hard work at slimming down. 

So here it is - a lighter, healthier version!

Quesadilla Burger

1 - burger patty (mine was 4 oz local lean meat)

2 - 6"corn tortilla (or flour)

1/2 cup of lettuce

1/3 cup Part skim Mexican shredded cheese

Topped with Pico de gallo
I made my own:
Diced tomatoes, green pepper, onion, salt/pepper, and lime juice.

How to prepare:
Cook the burger on the grill
Preheat oven to 400
Place tortilla on a baking sheet then add 1/2 the cheese, burger patty, pico de gallo, and remaining cheese
Bake until the cheese is melted

I made a sauce to spread on the burger using a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of low fat mayo and pineapple salsa.


21 Day Fix:
1R 1G 1B 1Y (using corn tortilla)

Speed Dating For Readers

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read. Maybe it's because I am an English major, or perhaps it's because I love to lose myself in a world that is not mine. Maybe a little bit of both. One delemma that I have found myself up against is what do I read next? I often seek out opinions of other readers, search the NY Times Bestsellers list, or scour GoodReads to see if they can find me the perfect match. It's kind of like speed dating when it comes to finding a good book, a keeper.

First impressions - you peruse the bookstore or virtual Kindle shelves to see a cover that will captivate you. I know I know, don't judge – oh stop it, we all do it, and there is nothing wrong with that! It's all about first impressions right? Kinda like dating!

The Interview - This is where you find out their name (author/title) you find out their interests (genre) and you find out their intentions (plot). Only then can you decide if they're worth your time to continue on and see what's written on those pages.

The First Date -  This is where it get's good. Sure they've passed the initial interview stage. You're interested. Now it's time to have some one-on-one time. So you make a date (buy or check out the book). You sit down and really figure out if this will have any hope of working out. Usually the first date (or first few chapters) will tell you a lot. Are you bored out of your mind? Are you having a hard time paying attention? Are they nummah than a hake (It's a Mainer saying)? Or is their story just not something you're into? All things that pentane to both scenarios in life.

The commitment -  This is the serious stage. Do you make the commitment to be monogamous? Do you make the commitment to see this through? Usually it's not a conscious choice. It either works out and there is that undeniable passion or you close that chapter and move on.

Sometimes those chosen books will be the love of your life. You will hold on to and cherish them forever. Sometimes, once you're done you toss it to the side and look for something new. Something different. Some will hold a special place in your heart long after they are gone.

I have so many special reads that hold that place in my heart. Some I have even, long after the relationship ended, rekindled it...and I fell back into that deep love.

Since I am a sharer I want to once a month share a book that has captivated my heart, so you too can fall in love.

Let me start off with a book I recently read:

The Way Life Should Be
By Christina Baker Kline

I found this book by way of speed dating and was instantly drawn in by the title. I am a Mainer and that is our slogan. The Way Life Should Be is literally written on the Maine Welcome sign as you drive into the state. So I knew it instantly had some potential. Just like when you find a guy who likes cats...I mean come on!

I quickly read the plot and was hooked. 

Angela Russo found herself in Down East Maine (which is actually up the coast...confusing I know) by way of online dating. She had lost her job and decided to move to a place she had forever dreamed about, but had never actually once visited. She took a chance on a guy who was just a screen name, a place she had only seen pictures of in magazines and her grandmothers Italian recipes. Little did she know, she would be captivated by the small town she landed in and her need for change would outweigh her lack of a job, friends, or money. 

This book really takes life changes and makes you feel like you are right there with her. You feel her pain, happiness, loneliness, and the harsh Maine winters. The author, Christina Baker Kline, did such a phenomenal job at portraying Maine in not only a beautiful way but a way that locals see and feel it. 

Stay tuned for more of my past loves!

Adult Milestones

Well a lot has happened since I decided to vanish for a few months. As previously stated in my last post (which you obviously read) we have some exciting news: we're building a house! Not a Barbie house, not a dog house, nor a hobbit house (although my husband would have not contested) but a true blue adult house.

Adult....that word, even at 28.5 years old, still sounds scary. Wasn't I just sitting in study hall yesterday? Wasn't my mom still driving me to the movies? Nope. I'm married, have a toddler! and building a house. And with a house comes bills. Yeah study hall and all it's simplicity sounds good right about now.

In all seriousness, we are truly excited. It's a big leap into the realm of homeownership and one we are willing and ready to do head first. Thankfully we are only moving a few minutes down the road. We are leaving our cute little townhouse in our cute little town to be closer to my husband's job. Which you all know, because you love my blog and follow me, that he is a lobsterman, so being close to his boat when he has to be on it at 4:30am in a big deal. Apparently he wasn't too fond of the 20 minute commute and is looking forward to is 6 minute commute this summer.

I, on the other hand, still like the idea of my mother driving me to the mall and the movies (aka the wine bar and Trader Joes) and I am very sad that she will no longer be 3 minutes down the road. If only the umbilical cord would stretch the 12 miles we will be apart. But I guess at age 28.5 it was bound to be cut.

We will be moving into a small community that has a few children and is on a dead end. Perfect for Bub's to run and play. We will have a large front yard and a good size back yard...which will house a pool in my near future... which was decided when I agreed to move away from my mother and into the depths of the Maine coast. This lovely community also offers us neighbors that we will love instantly! Meaning our good friends will be three houses down. Yay!

I will be updating the progress of the building/decorating/moving along the way. In the meantime I will be filling my virtual shopping bags with all sorts of amazing pins from Pinterest!

The forms are up and the foundation is setting!

Another view :)

Hubby checking out our soon to be walk-out basement!

Pano of the foundation after the forms had been taken off and it had been filled in.

Our excavator guy working hard on finishing the leach field

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Fresh Start!

Sometimes when you walk away from something for while then come back to it, you hate it. That's what happened with my blog. Not only did I lose my domain name but I also hated the look of my blog. It was peace-mealed together. It was the Charlie Brown of all blogs. Hideous. Something only my mother could love.

After having an eight month separation from Simply Anchored I realized if I was going to come back I would have to start fresh. I needed a new design. Something clean, something worthy of views, and something easy. Unfortunately, that last part doesn't come free. Nope, it'll cost ya. Fortunately, Etsy is my friend and my go-to for easy. With a few clicks, a few bucks out the window, I finally have a blog that is semi-new. 

It's like coming home from along vacation to newly washed sheets. No one wants to return to those crumpled dirty sheets that smell of cat. No you want to come home and lay your newly tanned body on those clean, tightly fitting, Gain smelling, 1,000 count sheets. Well this my friend, is my clean bed. Ahhhh .... feels so good!

Besides the aesthetics of my new blog there are a few minor changes. If you have noticed I have done away (really just hidden) my advertise page, gotten rid of all my bloggy-buttons, and simplified it to just my stuff. I did this for two reasons. 

Reason One:
I can't keep up with it. It was great having people contacting me to advertise. Checking Passionfruit Ads every day to see people buying space on my blog! I mean how great is that? It was swell, but I couldn't keep up with it. I had to choose between actually blogging or having those lovely bloggers buy space on my blog then have it do nothing for them. 

Reason Two:
I need to get back to the basics. I need to focus on just blogging. I miss it. I miss writing. I miss the comments and connections I had made. This is where my focus needs to be. I will, at some point, bring those pages and opportunities back, but for right now it needs to hide in my back seat. 

Well, I believe that is all. I have had a face-lift, I have removed distracting obligations, and now I can just write. 

Domain-less and BACK!

I know I said that I was back in my last blog post....which was back in APRIL! Yikes! I'm sure you all have missed me, photos of my adorable son, and my sputtering of nonsense. I feel like I owe everyone a little low down on where I have been for the past few months and what is coming up over the winter!

Okay, let me catch you up:

My son turned 1
He was walking
I stopped blogging
I realized that I didn't need blogging as an escape
I was getting ready to start Anatomy & Physiology (A&P)

I became all consumed with the start of A&P
My husband started his fishing season

In the depths of my class
Went to the beach a lot to escape studying and let my burn off some energy
Had family in town

This Fall:
Ended A&P I (with an A)
Started and finished A&P II (with an A-)
Health concerns with my mom - and she's healing and doing well!
Trips out of state
Been catching up on all trash tv!

So that's kinda what I have been up too. It's not that I didn't like blogging, I just had other priorities. Also before, as in last Fall and Winter, I was really having a hard time with PPD and I used it as an escape. But things have been so much better since our trip to Florida last March. I have been, finally, feeling so much better and more myself. So I haven't needed it as much. I felt like a weight was lifted off but I still really missed blogging/writing....and that's why I'm back!

Last night I was sitting down watching some tv and I thought I'd check on a few bloggers that I used to follow and see what they were up too. It really got my heart beating in the blogging department. So I did what I haven't done since April.... I visited my blog. It was saddening. No visits, no new posts, outdated photos...and worst of all....my domain name was gone. I was devastated. I guess during my busy summer I hadn't kept up with renewing my domain name so they took it back. So I am in the works of getting it back - hopefully.

Until then, here I am shouldakeptupmyrenewal.BLOGSPOT.com (aka simplyanchored.blogspot.com). Kinda annoying, but hey, what can you do besides harass the people at NetworkSolutions into giving me my domain back.

But until that happens, here I am, .blogspot and back to blogging. Back to keeping everyone updated on the happenings in my life.

Speaking of happenings, my family has some really big ones happening right now! We are building a house! Yay!

Come back for an update of what's coming up for this winter and, well, just to hear me spew about my life!

Feel free to leave me love down below :)

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