I did it!

Photography has been a passion of mine since I got my first camera around age 7. Oh those disposables were anything but wonderful, but to me they were gold. I have since graduated from a disposable, to a waterproof disposable, to many many manyyyyy film cameras. When digital cameras were first coming out, and wayyyy out of my price range, I was in high School, a senior to be exact. I had such a passion for photography that I begged my guidance councilor to put me in the already full photography class. That is where I truly fell in love.

While others in the class were fumbling around with loading their film in the SLR cameras... yes not digital but film! I was running ramped with mine. I was shooting anything and everything that was in front, behind, and around me. I finally found what I loved. I loved to be behind the camera capturing the world around me.

It wasn't only the click of the button that I loved. I loved being in the darkroom. Sure I was in there with 10 other students developing films (okay some where making out in the solutions room ) but I took it seriously. I had my first touch of 'photoshop' where I manipulated FILM, that's right people, film not files! It was a serious high for me. Then I got to sink that thin piece of seemingly blank photo paper in different buckets of solution. Once that fourth timer buzzed and I could flip that photo paper over and I was in awe as to what I had caught on camera.

I really took my time behind the camera. I learned about exposure, shutter speed, f/stops, and so much more. And I was always delighted with what came out of those soapy buckets. My photos always hung proudly on the board outside the classroom for all to see.

So let's get off of memory lane and talk about now. I still have that passion. Since that class, I purchased a film SLR and quickly returned it and bought my first DSLR. Oh Mer GERRRDDD! How the h*ll did I live with shooting on film. Sure, I fell in love with shooting and developing on my own, but being able to shoot so many photos and upload them blew my mind!

Over the past few years my mother (she is the best travel partner ever!)  and I have traveled to over 7 countries together and countless Caribbean islands. Thankfully I have had my DSLR in tow. It was the best thing I have ever given myself.

That being said, I made a big decision today. I finally made a website to sell my work. I have been asked by many people to sell my prints and I have been hesitant. I get all self conscious about my work thinking 'it's not good enough'. But seriously, how many people do I need to hit me on the head telling me it is before I believe it?

I had some sort of epiphany last week when I was out shooting with another local photographer who has such talent. Nancy, at Nancy Greindl Photogarphy (check out her Facebook too!), and I went out at the start of a snow storm and shot locally around the area. We chatted all things photography and she really boosted my confidence! So I went home and pondered over the idea about starting a page to sell my work.

After a few days of 'pondering' I decided to take the leap today. I started Victoria Clemons Photography with just a few photos, and slowly adding more. It is a HUGE step for me because I am the type to give everything away for free.

This will first and foremost be my passion as it always has been. I have been knocked down by many people about my photography, but if I have a love for something I will always pursue it, and so should you!

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A Little 'Me' Time

Ahh, it's Friday! I know this usually means no work for you 9-5ers but for us SAHM's it just means... nothing. Usually I would be quietly cussing out those on my Facebook wall who were going out on a Friday night, or who celebrate having the weekend a head of them. But not today. I squashed my inner brat and embraced all the celebratory and slightly drunk status updates.

You may ask why would I put aside my true feeling on this particular Friday or perhaps what has changed my mood? Well I actually had me time today! Yes that's right all you stay at home mommies! If you can think back to a time when you had me time then you can appreciate where I am coming from.

Today started off like any other Friday day waking up to my 9 month old staring me down through the monitor. Then we played, napped (he not me), cleaned (me not he), pooped (not telling), and ate (clearly both). By the time the afternoon came rolling around and my husband got home, I decided that I was going to take advantage of the near 12" of snow we got Wednesday, the beautiful cloudless sky, and the fact that my husband had nothing but time on his hands.

I quickly got changed out of my beloved yoga pants, which I rarely do and when I put on jeans today my husband asked if I was going on a date. Ha! Bundled up and climbed in my Jeep, camera in hand. I can't remember the last time that I have driven around taking photographs. I have a deep seeded passion for photography, and always have. But since having my son I rarely have time to photograph anything but his precious face since it entails us leaving the house. I even have had a photography date planned with a local photographer who produces the most amazing photos, but since being a mommy comes first and sitters are hard to come by, we have had to reschedule three times in one week! Fourth times a charm right?!

So camera in hand and butt warmer turned on in my Jeep and I was ready to go. It was nice to finally venture out in my own town. There is so much to see! I felt rushed only because I wanted to get back to my family, but I was able to get out for over an hour!

Here is a little sample. Oh and I forgot to mention that during my son's 2.5 hour nap I designed my own watermark for my photography. I think it needed to be done since I post on Facebook, my blog and on 500px.

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