Wow I can't believe how awful I have been about posting lately! I have had a lot that has happened in the past week. Some I will share, and some I will not just because it's not my story to share.

Baby Boy Turned 9 Months!
Where oh where has the time gone? I felt like it was just last week that I was counting down to his due date. Now 9 months has gone by and he will be a year old in 3 short months?! So here is a little about him .... 
He loves to cruise the furniture with only one hand. Loves to pull himself up on my legs then stand without holding on. Says Daddaa like it's going out of style. Can say momma but immediately say's Daddaa after and smiles. The Kitty Kahhhttt is still his favorite and he is now pointing to the things that he wants. It's so sweet to have him wave hello and goodbye but will only say "Hi" to the cats. He will make the fishy lips if I do it to him first. He loves us unconditionally. 

On Tuesday my husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! And not only was it our 2 year anniversary, it was also our 7 year anniversary of being together. I, the smart gal I am, set our wedding date on the same day we started dating. I made it easy on my husband...he only had to remember ONE anniversary since they land on the same day!
We didn't do anything too extravagant like last year (went to Mexico) because we have a baby boy who we don't want to be away from and we weren't able to travel this year for many different reasons. 
So we went out and shopped for baby boy then went to our favorite restaurant. It was delicious and wonderful to just sit and talk about our wedding and honeymoon. 

Baby Boy's 9 Month Check-Up
It went really well! No shots this time so it was all chit chat and finding out how much he has grown. I must first say that we absolutely love our Pediatrician! She is loving, caring, and just a down to earth doctor who takes as much time with you as you need.
So here it is...
Height: 29.5" (90%)
Weight: 19lbs 11oz (30%)
18.5" noggin' (big brain!)
And has met and surpassed all his milestones early.
When we told her what he was doing she said that she wasn't going to be talking about those milestones until his one year appointment. He is highly advanced which is great!
So he is perfect!

Weight Watchers Success
As I had said in an earlier post, I am finally taking control. I joined Weight Watchers January 2nd and have lost weight each week at weigh in! I have found a group of wonderfully supporting women that I look forward seeing each week at our meetings. I am feeling so good about myself and have stopped caring what others think about me joining. The momentum has here is to keeping it going!

TIme Behind The Camera
 Since having my baby boy I haven't had much time behind my camera excet when I am taking pictures of him. So I bought some $4.99 flowers at the grocery store and snapped some pictures. You can check most of them out HERE but here are a few I took this week.

So as I said before I have been a little busy with my family and certain unforeseen tragic circumstances that have happened this past week. So thank you for bearing with me.
Love to all my lovely readers!
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  1. Your family is beautiful and those eyes that your baby!!!

  2. happy anniversary and your baby is so cute. and your photos are seriously amazing!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  3. What beautiful wedding photos! Hope everyone in your family is okay. New follower from the Blog Hop.
    XO/Kelly @ Our Cone Zone