Experiencing Maine Winter

As you may or may not know, my little adorable family resides on the coast up here in Maine. It is beautiful, but it snows...a lot! In the past week we have had two storms and a total dusting (as we would call it) of 22'' of snow. Yea, some States don't get that all winter!

Well needless to say I had to get my little 7 month old boy acquainted with that white fluffy blanket outside now or he may never want to frolic in it in the future (umm... Maui here we come?!). So I dressed him up in his little bear suit and plopped him down in the snow. He was less than impressed and we only lasted about 6 minutes outside, but hey it's a start!

So enjoy viewing our mountainous piles of snow and just take a gander at our porch to get a real idea of how buried we are mid-Decemer.

Oh and just think, we get snow all the way into APRIL!

Good thing we have the good ol' George Foreman to grill on! 

... and a diningroom table to eat off of!

Whelp, off to look at Maui real estate!

Ahh, to be standing in this same spot right now that I was 2 years ago....
 photo XOSIG_zps185841b6.jpg


  1. I have a thing for the snow, so I'm okay with it right now! We got another five inches in southern NH yesterday, and I'm loving it! By the way, your sweet son is SO stinkin' cute in those pics!

    1. I used to LOVE the snow. But the past two years, I have been ready to leave! Yeah we got the same storm, but we got 10 last night. I would rather just live somewhere it is warm and we can play in the sand not the snow ;) And you know even in the summers our ocean is numbingly cold! YIKES!

      Thank you! I think he's pretty cute ;)