Crushing Mommy Brain

Whelp, this explains perfectly my lack of an Aloha Friday!
I don't know what happened this past week but I have been saying it was Thursday every day since Monday. I say it is mommy brain but others may just say I am crazy. To be honest, I think it's a touch of both! 

I used to be run by calendars, clocks, plans, ect ... until I had my baby. Now I might as well throw all that out the window and rely on the sun to tell the time. I will not ramble, so I don't waste your time, since clearly I have already lost about 4 days this week. But on top of feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, I have also not had any ambition to write.

Okay let me clarify, I have lots of ambition to write, and I have written, but when I go to submit I think "yup this is lame" DELETE. I probably should just walk away instead of delete but the urge over takes me and my fingers are jamming down on the button before my mind has a chance to process what I am doing....since it's still stuck on Thursday.

So what do I do? I open an tab (ha yeah right I have four going already) for Pinterest and peruse those beautiful pages. I find so much inspiration. But then I mindlessly shut my computer, hike my legs under myself, slump to the side, grab my glass of wine, CANDY CRUSH!
Okay there, I admit it. This is the source of all evil!

I swore up and down I would never ever ever play this. I hated those stupid requests that clutter my drama-filled Facebook page. I hate when I am on my baby forums and all you ladies want to talk about is how to get past a certain level. I hate it. I hate it. I love hate it! 

So this is how it started. I was playing Move The Box (which I love...but I wound up just watching the solutions on youtube...) and I needed something else to keep me busy on our long drive down to D.C. Well my brother got my husband hooked (he too was against anything that had to do with crushing delicious confections), and once he was hooked he begged asked me to play too. How could I say no to a chance to kick his tush at this simple game?

Well for all you sugar crushing cray-cray's out know the rest of the story. I have thrown my phone, I have two games going (one on my iPhone and one on my tablet) I have learned to set my clocks ahead a day just to get my lives back. 

So you might be wondering where the "H" this is going? Well this is why I think every day is Thursday....I'm crushing candy! Oh and the fact that I have messed with the date and time so many times on my phone, I'm surprised I haven't missed the New Year by now!

So please, mom's who are up at 2am feeding your lovies, don't start this devil game. Stick to Pinterest Solitaire. 

Okay I promised I wouldn't ramble so I know what you're thinking...

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