Aloha Friday

Okay my loves it's
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I have a special tie with ALOHA being that my husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon. But it was so much more than a honeymoon, if I could live there I would. It was a life changing experience! I have traveled all over the world and not found a place I have loved so much!
So each Friday I will download what I love, learned, or lived that week!

Good Ol' George
Foreman that is! Man what have I done without this for the past 27 years. Making a panini on the stove was just getting to be such a production...and then 20 minutes later the mozzarella still wasn't melted to my standards. Now I just plop my sandwich on the hot plates, shut the lid and 2 minutes flat it comes out nice and stringy. 
George you're quite the man!

Shopping Cart Cover
 I was told before I bought this (and after) that they are a waste of money. That you can just wipe down the cart to protect against germs. Well I didn't buy it as a germ barrier, I bought it so my little guys tush had a little extra padding. I used to carry him in the infant car seat and plop him in the cart basket then load the groceries around him. But, no offense Bub, you took up too much valuable real-estate in the cart! And he would get fussy because he wasn't able to look around. Since using the cover, an hour long jaunt to the store doesn't faze him at all!
Those Food Pouch "Things"
When my precious little family of three made the long 13 hour drive to D.C. last week we were introduced to those organic food pouches. My grandmother and grandfather had bought them for my Bub and I said hey why not!" Well he loved them! So did I, until I found out they were $1.49 EACH! Holy smokes, are they lined with gold? I decided, since I make my own baby food, that there had to be a cheaper alternative to the easy on-the-go pouches.
Then I found it on Amazon. Oh Amazon, what don't you have... oh that's have everything!
I found this "kit" of reusable pouches with the "pouch-filler-upper" thingy. So I bought it, used it, LOVE IT!

My Doula-ness!
As you may have seen in my earlier post (and if you haven't you should read it then go back to my very first blog post and start from the beginning) that I am on my way to becoming a Certified Labor Doula. YAYY ME! I am truly so passionate about this and so excited for this new chapter in my life. I already have my first expectant momma signed up and she is due in February! YAY again!
Oh here are my new business cards (know any pregger's in Maine? Send 'em my way!)

I am a proud mom! That's about it :)

Have a lovely Friday!

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