A Fathers Love and First Snow

Up here in Maine we get snow 364 days out of the year. Okay not really but like 360 days out of the year! Well today was a biggen', we got over a foot of snow. It was the first real snowstorm that my boy has ever seen since he is only 7.5 months.

I wish I could be saying that we went out and played, but with the wind it was about 2 degrees out. So we stayed inside and watch daddy shovel. Don't worry he had fun hurling shovel-fulls of snow at the windows! So this will be short I just wanted to share a few pictures.

After I took them and was looking through them I realized how much (I mean I already knew this!) my husband loves my son. And how much my son absolutely loves his father. The warmth in these pictures could have melted all the snow that just fell.

Like father like son. Both wearing Eat Lobster...Wear Grundens hats. 

Fascinated with daddy outside shoveling. 

 photo XOSIG_zps185841b6.jpg


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