2013 | What A Wild Ride

Can you believe that 2013 is over in a matter of hours? I can't! So much has happened this past year. It is been simply amazing, scary, hard, emotional, exciting, and filled with love. Since I only started this blog half way through 2013 (June 23 to be exact) I wanted to take a look back at this past year and share some moments that stick out since I was not able to share them!

So from the beginning of 2013 to the very last day....enjoy the ride. I know I did!

1.21.13 Two Year Anniversary
Wow I cant believe that at the beginning of 2013 I had been married to my wonderful husband a year! Which makes it 6 years we had been together. He has been so incredibly amazing, loving, and the best husband and friend I could ever ask for. 

Preggo's Gone To Mexico!
That's right, my husband and I went to Mexico 33 weeks pregnant. We were told we were crazy to go to Mexico in general, and totally insane since I was so far along. Well that just made us want to go even more. It was the end of February in Maine, and I needed to get out of the snow and into the sun. Relaxation was calling my name. So we boarded the plane and off to Cozumel we went. 
The best part about it was laying on the beach and needing to roll on my belly. Well when you are a big beach ball, that is hard to do. So my husband would get up and dig me a hole for my baby bell to sink into. We got some questioning looks, but we just smiled and giggled to ourselves. 

Gotta love the iPhone pictures ;)

Bed Rest Bound
3 days after my return from sun soaked Cozumel, I landed myself on bed rest. This was the last thing I ever expected! My pregnancy was going sooo incredibly smooth. But low and behold, I was having pre-term contractions 2-3 minutes apart! I blame it on the terrifying flight from ATL - BOS. I believe that is what made baby want to come early! So I got to go to Mexico for a week, then call into work and tell them I was never coming back. Some people dream of doing that, I on the other hand was dreading it. I wasn't allowed to do anything except pee, shower, and go to my pre-natal appointments.
It was a very long 7 weeks.

Best day of my life. 4.20.13 my baby boy was born ...ON HIS DUE DATE!
It was 4:30am and I woke with contractions 7 minutes apart (real ones) and went to shower to relax while my hubby slept. Well by the time my 20 minute shower was over they were 4.5 minutes apart. I knew at that point today was the day. So I woke him up, told him to pack his stuff because we were having a baby!
I labored for 15 hours and pushed for 2.5 hours. At 9:55pm I gave birth to the most amazing 8.4 oz baby boy Reece Michael.

My Fight With Postpartum Depression
Even though I was such a proud momma, it did not come without it's downfalls. I fell into a deep depression, that most did not know about. We had a very hard time with my son and his weight from the get go, and that sent me spiraling downward. And most don't know (until now) that I still battle PPD on a daily basis. Though it has gotten easier, it still battle each and every day. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system.

Well if you didn't know...that is the name of my blog! I started this blog back in late June. I needed something to keep my mind off the fact that my son wasn't doing well and something to do while I was pumping milk (or attempting) 12 times a day. 
I thought my blog would be something only my mother read, but I was oh so wrong. But I never in a million years thought that I would have over 33,000 views in 6 months, been featured on over 10 blogs much larger than mine, and people actually wanting to pay for ad space! 
I dove in head first and came out breathing - it has been it's own wild ride on it's own. I have found so many women out there going through what I am on a daily basis, and made new cyber friends that I am very close too. 

Baby's First Road Trip
Ah, something most fear. Something I excitedly looked forward too. We drove from Maine to D.C. in my loaded down Jeep for Thanksgiving. It actually went very smoothly. We only stopped 3 times, and my boy slept most of the way. But it was so nice to have my husband captive alone in the car. We seldom get time to just chat and laugh because we have a baby. But since Reece slept we had so much fun, laughed so hard we I cried, and got to go through a new experience together. 

Becoming A Doula
I had thought long and hard about this life decision. I have my B.A. in English and was teaching before I decided to be a SAHM. It wasn't until recently that I decided to take the leap into the Doula world. I am so incredibly excited to have my first expectant momma due in March! 

My Family
That's all, just my little family. 

I could go on and on and on about 2013. But Some memories are best left with my little family. So much has happened, I've had ups and downs, but all I want and will remember will be the ups. Every year gets better and better. I can't wait to see what 2014 brings!

Let me leave you with a picture of my baby boy on the last day of 2013

 photo XOSIG_zps185841b6.jpg


  1. I love that you've decided to become a doula! It is something I have considered, and I think you will LOVE it! It sounds like you and your family have had an amazing year. 2014 is sure to be fabulous!

  2. Visiting from letsbefriends, looks like we have a lot in common! Your little guy is precious. Now following!
    Lindsay from

  3. Holy moly, you had such a busy year! I had a baby last year too, and she was born a day before her due date! They're so punctual now, but give them 16 years and they'll be late for everything! :)

    New GFC follower from the blog hop!

  4. Oh my goodness! Your little guy is so adorable! :) Following from the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop.