Tips & Tricks To Help You Get Through The First 6 Months!

Since having my beyond precious boy back in April I have learned a lot of little tips and tricks to make each day easier to get through alone while my husband is at work. 
They are simple and cost nothing! 

Packing Ahead of Time
When I first started going out with my boy, I would have to get an hour head start on packing all his stuff. Well it was hard to make quick trips out without any notice. So I got smart. As soon as I get home from every trip, I reload the diapers, wipes, add dry formula in a bottle, and restock blankets (if they got soiled). That way the next time we go out it's already done! So you can just grab the bag and head out the door....grabbing your baby of course!
Diaper Bag Staples

Use Those Extra Wipe Containers
You know those wipes containers you get when you buy a box of wipes? Use them! I have two of them in my car. One filled with wipes (duh!) and the other with diapers. They do not leave my car ever. That way if I happen to run out of either (though I shouldn't because my diaper bag has been thoroughly packed) then I have an extra stash I can count on in my car. It's a nice safety net knowing they are always there. And thankfully I haven't had to use them yet!

Rotating Toys
I swear my boy gets bored very easily. At first we would set him on the ground with ALL of his toys and he would play for a few minutes then get bored. Then for the rest of the day those toys started to lose his interest. So I started rotating them. I use the same 2-3 toys all day, then the next day use a different set. It was as though I was giving him brand spankin' new toys!! And each time we go somewhere, I bring a fresh set he hasn't seen in a few days!
And he chose the remote...

Why Buy A Toy Box?!
When you have diaper boxes! Those things are large, sturdy, and I'm sure you have a bunch of them waiting to go to the curb. Well save one or two. They make amazing toy boxes. I have mine in my living room. I had hopes of covering it with fabric, but I've been a little busy. But my boy loves to stare at the baby on the box! Check Pinterest for cool idea's on covering them!

Stop Getting Sprayed While Changing The Diaper
After the first week of my boy being home from the hospital, my husband would stand there, holding a diaper like the famed "catchers mitt" while I did the changing. Well, hunny I love you, but he didn't catch anything but a stream of pee across his shirt, our wall, carpet, and face! So we got smart. Hello, fold a wipe and place it on your boy (or girl too!). Not only does it block the stream of pee from flying across the room, it absorbs it from really trickling down on the changing mat. Also, you can use it to finish wiping them once the diaper is pulled up!

Onesie Under Those Cute T-Shirts
I bought a ton of cute t-shirts for my boy, but was discouraged when I dressed him in them and they would constantly go up his back exposing his cute belly, and getting him cold. It wasn't until a friend of mine, Meghan, told me to have him wear a short sleeved (or long for the winter) onesies under the shirt! Brilliant!! It kept his shirt down and when it did go up from him being picked up, no big deal - he was covered! And it lends you to be able to wear those cute shirts all year long with the use of long sleeved onesies.
It's cold and he's still able to wear his t-shirts!
Photo taken by my talented mother-in-law
Kathleen Clemons
Check her out!!!
Wipe 'Em Down!
I was not in to bathing my boy more than once a week until he his about 5 months. He didn't get dirty! So what I did was every morning when changing him out of his pj's, I would wipe him down with a baby wipe. So it kept him fresh, but no need for a bath a few times a week to dry out their new skin.

Ditch The Baby Detergent and Save Some Cash!
I never so much as bought one bottle of Dreft or any other "baby" detergent. I feel like it is just a way for them to double the price of soap. What I did buy was ALL Free & Clear so it didn't have any dyes or fragrance. That is all you need to be concerned with. And since it isn't sold in the "Baby" isle, it is a fraction of the cost. OH YEAH - I throw his clothes in right with mine! Not my husbands because his are soaked in fish bait after lobstering all day. 

Diaper Station Is A Must!
I don't mind going up to the nursery every 30 minutes to change my boy's diaper. What I did mind was that it broke my boy's attention and he no longer wanted to go back to playing once we got back downstairs. So I set up a diaper station in my living room. Now I can change him where ever he is on the floor, and he continues to play through the change and after. So when I'm done I can just get up and he continues playing. Plus if people come over and want to change your baby, you don't have to run past them on the stairs to shut your bedroom door so they don't see your unmade bed, clothes littered floor, and unmentionables strewn across the room!

I hope that I was able to save you at least one precious minute per day and keep you from spending cash on items you can use around the house!

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  1. This is a great post! Loved the tips and items you shared.

  2. Those are such great tips and tricks! I can't wait for Ryan and I to try for littles, but we're doing our best to hold off until after our move to Germany haha :)

    And your SON is just edible! So precious!

    1. Aww thank you :):) Well I can not wait until you try and I can follow along through your blog!!