Saturday Morning | Yogurt Fun

I love Saturday mornings with my boy. Well actually every morning. Being a stay at home mom as many advantages, but I really don't get "Saturday's" since every day is the same day different version. Anywho, this morning we had a little yogurt fun. My boy absolutely loves Greek yogurt and goes batty when he catches me eating it. Since he had his first taste a few weeks ago, I had to start buying him his own.

I am usually a little OCD when it comes to messes and I have had to really hold back from wiping up his chin, mouth, hands, clothes, floor, and every other surface as soon as a speck of food lands on it. So this morning was a huge step for me. I let him get yogurt all over his face!

So it may not be the biggest mess, but for me it was monumental!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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