Nothing To Say Except...

I had no blog post planned for tonight since I have blogged for the past 10 days...  In.A.Row! Yeah I know - seriously that was a lot. I started out thinking "okay I'll blog three days in a row and it will break my record of two days in a row". Well apparently the bloggy force kept with me, and I kept on going.

It isn't like I ran out of ideas for tonight, but I got my new Nikkor lens for my camera in!!!

 I was too busy playing with that than to worry about my blog. So tonight I will keep it short and I wanted to share just a few photos.

Isn't he just so freakin' adorable with those baby blues and that pouty lip!?

Oh and notice how anchors run through and though in my life... my kids whole wardrobe consists of them!

 photo XOSIG_zps185841b6.jpg

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