Big Headed Boy

So my boy has a really big head. Like, wicked big, adorable, but big. So when I went to buy him a hat at Carter's the other day, I figured I would be safe buying a 6-12 month size since he was only 6 months! Oh boy I was wrong! I brought it home and I couldn't even get it on.  Whelp, for the next child was all I could say as I tossed it to the side.

Later this week my husband, baby and I took a little walk to the dumpers and mailbox. Since it is fall and I'm in Maine, this short trip warranted a hat. Well guess what...I didn't have one! So my husband dug though his winter gear and found his "lucky" Eat Lobster Wear Grundéns hat he wears lobstering in the winter. 
Good enough
Well I tell you what he was sooo stinkin cute!

Although he was cute, he needed one that fit. So my husband and I went to the L.L. Bean Outlet store (we live right next to the flagship store, but they are pricey) and picked him up a hat. Now there is where it gets good! I got him a hat for $5.60 and it even came with mittens...that strangely didn't have thumbs....oh well. 

If you follow me on Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest then you have already seen this adorableness. And if not then you are in for a treat! As soon as we got home we put the new hat on my boy and he LOVED it!

Is that not the happiest, cutest, most adorable boy?!