Aloha Friday

Okay my loves it's Aloha Friday time!
I have a special tie with ALOHA being that my husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon. But it was so much more than a honeymoon, if I could live there I would. It was a life changing experience! I have traveled all over the world and not found a place I have loved so much!
So each Friday I will download what I love, learned, or lived that week!

Camera Lens
I got my new camera lens this week. I have been sooo excited to use it! I have taken only a few photos, because I have been extremely busy. If you saw my post the other day you can see more pictures. I took this one today and it just showed off his baby blues so well! So down to logistics. It is a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. It's a great lens for those who want great depth of field in low lighting without breaking the bank!

Food Network
As you can tell from my Non-Cook recipes - I HATE to cook. When my mother comes over she turns my tv on to the Food Network. Now she does this because she only has channels 1-13 (sad I know) so when she comes over it is like Disneyland for tv watchers since I have channels 1-700. Yup ridiculous, but hey they are HD! So the other day she left it on the Food Network (something I would never watch since I.Do.Not.Cook!) Well guess what, I was obsessed. I have been watching it every day since, the Barefoot Contessa, Pioneer Woman (Go Blogger!), Trisha, ect. I have gained a lot of confidence watching it and have started actually cooking!

King Sized Bed
What would I do without it! When my husband and I first got married, we had a queen bed. Now we didn't live together before we got married (moved in together when we got back from our honeymoon in Maui) so I never realized how small a Queen bed really was! Gosh it is tiny! So after about two weeks of sleeping on a queen we bought a king. It was GLORIOUS! So much room! 
My fur-baby-Paige as always slept right next me me since she was a kitten, but lately my baby boy has been sleeping in our bed since he has been needing to nurse in the middle of the night. This means that I have a fur-baby, baby, me, and hubby in bed. Thank goodness we have a king, because we take up the entire bed!

Is the BEST chap stick ever! You know that tube of lanolin you get when you are pregnant and waiting to nurse your newborn? Well, I'm sure you have some left over because by this time you are either no longer in pain, or have moved on from breastfeeding. Well Lately (for the last month) I have had chapped lips. I blame it on my baby sucking every last drop of moister out of my body and regular lip balm wasn't cutting it. So I dug out my tube o' lanolin and used it. This stuff is amazing!! Cured my chapped lips and made them silky smooth :)

Boba Wrap
I thought at almost 7 months my boy had outgrown his baby-wearing moments. But apparently not! The other day I was at my mothers house and my boy was getting fussy. All he wanted was to be held. So after a few a few minutes of deliberation, I decided to houdini wrap myself in the Boba wrap, thinking  he is too big and will hate it. Well I was wrong! The joy that lit up his face as soon as I sunk him down in the wrap was contagious, then he passed out for a solid hour of sleep. 

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  1. YES! Lanolin is seriously the bomb!! Also, I HATE that I didn't baby-wear more when Eli was little. I had a Bjorn harness that I think I will be selling and trading out for a wrap next time. They just look so comfy and I'm sure I'll need my hands when I've got 2 little nuggets!

  2. I didn't live with my husband before we got married and we still have a queen. looks like i need to upgrade!!

  3. We bought that lens with our new camera last summer, and we love it! Before, I hated taking shots inside our apartment because the lighting always made everything look funky. But with this lens, even our poorly-lit apartment looks great! I'm excited to see some more of your shots with it :)

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