Aloha Friday

Okay my loves it's Aloha Friday time!
I have a special tie with ALOHA being that my husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon. But it was so much more than a honeymoon, if I could live there I would. It was a life changing experience! I have traveled all over the world and not found a place I have loved so much!
So each Friday I will download what I love, learned, or lived that week!

Never Trust Auto-Save
So this week I learned that even though we are in 2013, not everything auto-saves. That's right. A great post (or so I thought) from this week did not save and I lost almost everything. Now, I bounced back from the tragedy, but it left a scar. I now save after every few words. I am what you call save-happy. And everyone should join me in that group!!

Appreciate Bath Time
So it has come time for my baby boy to bath more than once or twice a week. For the first 6 months he was fine. Never got dirty, didn't smell, and had minimal toe-jam. But recently his feet have been smelling (I think it's because he sticks his feet in his mouth all the time), his pits have a different odor, and over all he just needs a bath. I used to dread bath time because he would get agitated, but recently (this week) he seemed to enjoy it! 

Cooking Isn't So Bad
So I hate to cook, but yesterday I sure did a lot of it. The last two weeks I have been cooking every night for my husband. Before our meals consisted of pasta, burgers, or take-out. Lately I have been actually cooking! It's been amazing. So yesterday I went all out. I made a baked ziti (and an extra for my mom for dinner), chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and homemade bread. Oh yes! And I was itching to make something else I just ran out of ingredients. I will be posting the recipes later, but seriously, for a non-cook, that's pretty amazing!
One Size Doesn't Fit All
Okay so let's face it, baby boy Reece has a big noggin! I bought him the cutest hat at Carters the other day, brought it home and soon found out it was too small! But is said 6-9 months! My boy is just barely 6 months! So I threw it to the side thinking for the next kid. Then the other day my husband, myself and baby boy took a walk to the dumpster and mailbox, and he was in need of a hat. Well, crap, your head is too big! So I dug through our winter gear and found a hat I bought my husband and put it on him. It worked! And he looked FREAKIN' adorable!! So from now on I know better than to trust Cater's sizes....just like auto-save....

Let's just say I hate Halloween. Now this my my opinion, and mine ONLY. But I will be happy to see the creepy ghosts and goblins go away. We did not dress up my 6mo old because I don't believe in telling children 1 day out of the 365 days it's okay to take candy from strangers and to worship the dead. To some it may just be a "day of fun" but for me (knowing the origins) I just don't feel comfrotable. So YAY for today! Halloween is over :)
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