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I couldn't have said it better myself! 
Before my babe was born I dreaded going to the store. I would work all day long, an hour away from home, then come home and cook order take-out, clean clean up after take-out, and do lesson plans. I would put off going to the store as long as possible. Then when it was time, I made my husband come with me.

I had plenty of me time whenever I wanted. I never needed to "schedule it". Well that has ALL changed since April. Veteran moms would warn me that I would miss my me time, and I just chuckled at them while telling them I wouldn't because I would love spending every waking moment with my boy. 

I should have heeded their warning, because now that I am 6 months into motherhood, I can see that they were right (as much has I hate to be wrong!), and I should have listened. Now don't get me wrong, I love being a SAHM and spending all day/night with my boy. But all the days seem to run together, I don't get "weekends", and I don't get a break. 

Even when my husband is spending time with him (which he does the second he gets home until bed time - he's pretty much amazing) I am still "on duty" because I come running with every "sad" whimper, and creep in on the diaper changes thinking he needs help. And each time I get the "hey it's my time with him!" or "I've got it babe". And I walk away sulking. Okay so maybe it's a little bit motherhood and a little a lot me being a control freak. 

He's got it under control! 

No but seriously - they're like two pea's in a pod

 All joking aside - it's the best father a boy could ask for!

Okay I digress. 

Now that I don't get me time anymore whenever I want, I have to make it or I wouldn't ever get it. Which means I have to physically leave the house, otherwise my me time turns into me hovering time. But I am not the kinda gal that likes mani/pedi's, shopping, or girls luncheons. I feel guilty spending money when I'm not pulling in a paycheck. 

So, my kinda me time is going to the grocery store. Sure I said I don't like shopping or spending money, but this is different. I now enjoy strolling up and down the isles pushing something other than a stroller. I love to peruse all the new cheeses, picking out my greek yogurt without rushing, spending copious amount of time in front of all the shiny wine bottles. I can completely zone out. It gives me time to be alone but still be productive. I can actually buy stuff without the worry that once we get in the checkout isle, my boy will have had enough and start fussing. 

I see it as a personal growth. I no longer need my husband to come with me as a chaperone and I no longer put it off until we only have cat food left to eat. And I will tell you what, I have been coming home with some yummyyyy stuff...since I hit up the grocery store probably more than I should!

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  1. Aaaah so true!! My son is 5 months old and it hit me the other day that my me time is majorly lacking. You nailed it when you said me time is hovering time. My hubby totally has it under control too but I'm a control freak too :( love me some trips to target...alone!! :)

    1. It's sooo hard not to hover! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Target alone can be very dangerous!! :)

  2. Oh, I can only imagine. I absolutely hate shopping - for anything - though, so what in the heck will my vacation be?! A bath?!

    1. I hate shopping too but something about the grocery store soothes me ahah! Ooo a bath would be nice - if only mine was deep enough to actually soak in!