Nautical Style | Guest Post By Ashley at Leona Lovely

Good morning my lovely readers! Today I have the wonderful blogger, Ashley, from Leona Lovely guest posting. She has an amazing sense of style and is just a great bloggy friend!

Hi there! My name is Ashley Leona and I'm so excited to be guest posting on Simply Anchored today. I write and create at Leona Lovely, where I focus on fashion and beauty. To help you get to know me better, I'll let you know that I love stripes. I'm wearing my favorite striped top as I write this! Since Victoria has a lovely nautical feel over here at Simply Anchored, I wanted to share some great nautical pieces you can add to your wardrobe.
Simply Anchored
When dressing in a nautical fashion, you really can't go wrong with navy and white. I love love love this striped top and I could carry that handbag every single day. While these white pumps are way out of my price range, I couldn't help but add them to this set. That gold heel is just too much for me too resist. I think the trick with any trend, is to not overdue it. You wouldn't want to wear all these accessories together. But one or two pieces paired with this dress would look great. This dress would look great by itself too, it could easily pass as nautical or just plain pretty! If you'd like to see more fashion and beauty tips be sure to stop by Leona Lovely, and follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. I can't wait to see you over my way ;) AshleyLeona-Blurb

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Saturday Morning | Yogurt Fun

I love Saturday mornings with my boy. Well actually every morning. Being a stay at home mom as many advantages, but I really don't get "Saturday's" since every day is the same day different version. Anywho, this morning we had a little yogurt fun. My boy absolutely loves Greek yogurt and goes batty when he catches me eating it. Since he had his first taste a few weeks ago, I had to start buying him his own.

I am usually a little OCD when it comes to messes and I have had to really hold back from wiping up his chin, mouth, hands, clothes, floor, and every other surface as soon as a speck of food lands on it. So this morning was a huge step for me. I let him get yogurt all over his face!

So it may not be the biggest mess, but for me it was monumental!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Aloha Friday

Okay my loves it's Aloha Friday time!
I have a special tie with ALOHA being that my husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon. But it was so much more than a honeymoon, if I could live there I would. It was a life changing experience! I have traveled all over the world and not found a place I have loved so much!
So each Friday I will download what I love, learned, or lived that week!

Sam's Club

Where else could I stock up on enough baby "stuff" to survive a Zombie apocalypse? Oh that's right, that big box store where they sell mayo in 5 gallon jugs. Yup, I love Sam's Club! Now wait, I do not have a 5 gallon jug of mayo but I do have a 2 lbs jug of parmesan cheese...but that is a necessity!
I love Sam's Club days. It s a chance for my husband, baby, sometimes mother, and me to go and throw stuff on a flatbed cart and shop to our superstores content! Then I get to go home and organize all the goodness!!

My Son Thinks He's Cute

Which clearly he is!
I had placed him in his PnP while I brushed my teeth. Every other time he has just rolled around and played with a toy I give him. Well not this time. I came back into my room to find this!
He was on his knees staring at me smiling. He was so dang proud of himself!
I was freaked out, but I also was so excited. So I told him to hang on (like he understood me) while I snapped a picture as proof. Then I sent it to everyone who accepts texts.
I then promptly took out the insert so he is now playing at the bottom of the PnP.

The Goldberg's

If you have not seen this show you must, and if you understand. It is my childhood played out right in front of me on my flat screen HD tv. Set in the 80's, it's a family we can all relate to, because it's ours! My husband and I have just about died peeing our pants watching this and relating our lives to it. My mother is soooo Beverly Goldberg in this show (mom if you actually turned your tv on once in a while, you could watch this too!). So people break out your Lisa Frank, set aside your Atari's, and tune in on Tuesday night's. 

Nakeyyyy Babyyyy

My boy lovessss Nakey Baby. That's what I say when I take his clothes off, and he just squeals with delight. This past week I have ditched the baby tub and decided he would shower with me. It saves time, water, and my knees/back from leaning over into the tub. He hated it the first time, but since then he has grown more and more accustomed to it! It's so convenient. I know you're thinking "wow he is sooo freakin' adorable...but seriously Victoria that towel...?" It's a beach towel people!! And those are the best to keep baby nice and toasty after a steamy shower!

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My Lost Post Magically Reappeared!

A few weeks back I had blogged about how I had written a post and how it disappeared after using the Blogger app. Yeah I was a little less than thrilled. So I was going through and looking at some of my draft posts and decided to click on this one since I was going to delete it. Well by golly looky who decided to show up to the party in whole about 2 weeks late. My entire post! Where the heck in cyberland did you run off too? How many drinks did you have before decided to return to my little corner of the world?

So here it is folks - the lost post I rambled on about

*     *     *

As I scrolled through Pinterest tonight while my husband put our precious boy to bed, I stumbled across this quote. I normally don't pay attention to small quotes like this, but tonight it caught my eye (and not only because it was pink...)

Tonight my husband and I decided to go out for date night, well technically date 'day' since we started our date at 1:00pm. It has been a while since we have done anything sans baby that didn't have to do with running errands or on his boat (which is work for him). We decided last night that we should do dinner and a movie, or vice versa. Which was perfect since I had been wanting to see Gravity since it came out and I am sick of cooking! 

I texted my mom last night to see if she would take over baby duty for a few hours and she hopped at the chance. So we got ourselves together, dropped him off, went to Bed Bath and a Beyond, got a SodaStream (more on that here) then hit up the movie. Okay my husband wasn't too keen on the movie, finding out after that he already read the entire spoiler for it so he was bored. Sucked to be him, because I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Then we headed off to dinner, after a quick phone call to grandmas to see how our boy was doing. And of course he had been perfect (he always is for her...stinker). Dinner was delicious. We chatted about baby, house buying, and random Facebook gossip that we are happy to be spectarors at and not game players.

So back to the quote. I got to thinking that we are so busy worrying about tomorrow that we forget to enjoy today. We could have easily been worried about plans for this week, errands we need to run, bills we need to pay, but instead we decided to slowdown and worry about the moment we were in....and enjoy it. It was good to be out with just my husband. But once we brought my boy home we had an amazing time just playing on the floor and laughing together.

So for today, keep in mind to enjoy it. Even if it is a crappy day, find something small that you can enjoy. There is always something good in every day.

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Quote Of The Week | Be Anchored

So you may have noticed (and if you haven't clearly you aren't following my blog closely *tsk* *tsk* just kidding! No seriously though...) that I haven't blogged since last Friday. I went on a 15 day blogging streak which was amazing. Then it all stopped. I had things going on this weekend and I got really busy, and averted my attention to my family. 

So here we are at the beloved (at least by me...and you too if you follow my blog - refer to above comment if you don't) "Quote Of The Week". I love to scroll through Pinterest with a glass of wine in hand and read all the fabulous, or not so fabulous quotes. This week I came across a quote, that was very similar to the one above, but I wasn't completely in love with it. 

So I decided, I would adapt it and create my own this week. As you may now, I have a connection with anchors. This came way before I met my lobsterman husband and it was not because I was raised by two parents who were in the Navy. No, it is because it can mean so many things. And to me, I have always felt that you need to be anchored. . . 

Be Anchored in Life. 
Whether it be with your family, job, or everyday life, I believe that you should be anchored. Find something that will ground you. It will keep you focused and will enable you to really be yourself. 

Be Anchored in Love.
If you aren't anchored in love, then are you really in love? I know my husband is my anchor. I depend on him to keep me grounded, and I know he will always be there for me. 

Be Anchored in What You Believe.
This really hits home now that I am a new mom. I got so much advice and so many "looks" when I make decisions for myself, family, and child. I can please everyone. So I just have to decided to be anchored in my decisions, and do what I believe is right. 
Don't let anyone make your mind up for you.

So to me this quote means a lot. I just believe that being anchored, or having something to anchor you in life in imperative to living life to the fullest and truly living it for you and on one else. It's about having the confidence to life for you.

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Aloha Friday

Okay my loves it's Aloha Friday time!
I have a special tie with ALOHA being that my husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon. But it was so much more than a honeymoon, if I could live there I would. It was a life changing experience! I have traveled all over the world and not found a place I have loved so much!
So each Friday I will download what I love, learned, or lived that week!

Camera Lens
I got my new camera lens this week. I have been sooo excited to use it! I have taken only a few photos, because I have been extremely busy. If you saw my post the other day you can see more pictures. I took this one today and it just showed off his baby blues so well! So down to logistics. It is a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. It's a great lens for those who want great depth of field in low lighting without breaking the bank!

Food Network
As you can tell from my Non-Cook recipes - I HATE to cook. When my mother comes over she turns my tv on to the Food Network. Now she does this because she only has channels 1-13 (sad I know) so when she comes over it is like Disneyland for tv watchers since I have channels 1-700. Yup ridiculous, but hey they are HD! So the other day she left it on the Food Network (something I would never watch since I.Do.Not.Cook!) Well guess what, I was obsessed. I have been watching it every day since, the Barefoot Contessa, Pioneer Woman (Go Blogger!), Trisha, ect. I have gained a lot of confidence watching it and have started actually cooking!

King Sized Bed
What would I do without it! When my husband and I first got married, we had a queen bed. Now we didn't live together before we got married (moved in together when we got back from our honeymoon in Maui) so I never realized how small a Queen bed really was! Gosh it is tiny! So after about two weeks of sleeping on a queen we bought a king. It was GLORIOUS! So much room! 
My fur-baby-Paige as always slept right next me me since she was a kitten, but lately my baby boy has been sleeping in our bed since he has been needing to nurse in the middle of the night. This means that I have a fur-baby, baby, me, and hubby in bed. Thank goodness we have a king, because we take up the entire bed!

Is the BEST chap stick ever! You know that tube of lanolin you get when you are pregnant and waiting to nurse your newborn? Well, I'm sure you have some left over because by this time you are either no longer in pain, or have moved on from breastfeeding. Well Lately (for the last month) I have had chapped lips. I blame it on my baby sucking every last drop of moister out of my body and regular lip balm wasn't cutting it. So I dug out my tube o' lanolin and used it. This stuff is amazing!! Cured my chapped lips and made them silky smooth :)

Boba Wrap
I thought at almost 7 months my boy had outgrown his baby-wearing moments. But apparently not! The other day I was at my mothers house and my boy was getting fussy. All he wanted was to be held. So after a few a few minutes of deliberation, I decided to houdini wrap myself in the Boba wrap, thinking  he is too big and will hate it. Well I was wrong! The joy that lit up his face as soon as I sunk him down in the wrap was contagious, then he passed out for a solid hour of sleep. 

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Nothing To Say Except...

I had no blog post planned for tonight since I have blogged for the past 10 days...  In.A.Row! Yeah I know - seriously that was a lot. I started out thinking "okay I'll blog three days in a row and it will break my record of two days in a row". Well apparently the bloggy force kept with me, and I kept on going.

It isn't like I ran out of ideas for tonight, but I got my new Nikkor lens for my camera in!!!

 I was too busy playing with that than to worry about my blog. So tonight I will keep it short and I wanted to share just a few photos.

Isn't he just so freakin' adorable with those baby blues and that pouty lip!?

Oh and notice how anchors run through and though in my life... my kids whole wardrobe consists of them!

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Give The Dad A Break

I have noticed that throughout blogs, baby forums, friends and family, those who are new moms don't give their baby daddy's a break. Sure we are the ones that nurse all night long, we are the ones who pushed that little lovely out, and we are the ones going through massive physical changes. But what about the fathers?

It can be hard within the first few months to think about anything other than your pure exhaustion, the well-being of you new baby, and all the things you need to do around the house. I think we sometimes can take for granted or even forget about the needs of our husbands (or boyfriends) and not realize that they are adjusting to being a new parent as well, while taking care of us, baby, and dealing with our emotional breakdowns

Being a new parent, as we know, is not easy and it can be a really tough transition from the life we had before our bundle arrived into this vast world. It takes a big emotional toll on us and our relationships. I know I have had still have mood swings like crazy, I get mad at my husband for the dumbest of things, and sometimes I feel like I am the only who does anything around the house or with baby. But that is far from the truth.

My husband is amazing. He takes the baby right when he gets in from lobstering 14 hours straight without a fight. He puts him to bed so I can unwind with my blog and a glass of wine at night. Sometimes I just take it for granted. And in the emotional state that being a new mother puts me in, I forget that he is going through changes too.

At the same exact moment I became a new mother, my husband became a new father. Except he didn't have the luxury of bonding with the baby as much as I had over the past 10 months. So his bonding starts the day the baby is born. And sometimes the fathers can feel a little left out because us moms already have such a strong connection, and it may seem as though baby loves us more. Which is not true! We just have boobs. 

Men, being men, may hide their emotions better than us. Trust me, they are scared, overwhelmed, and tired. But it's not manly to say that, so they don't. And sometimes I think we mistake that for them sailing through this like a piece of cake, or frankly just not caring. 

So, sure, they may get agitated with you, or they may not do the dishes, after you've asked them too 12  times. Before we go out and blast them on social media to all of our friends, I think we need to take a step back and realize that they are new dads and are finding their way, just like us. I know I have to remind myself of this daily, because I can be a little impatient and bossy when I think he isn't listening to me. But it could be that he is just as sleep deprived as I am. Oh yeah ... and he has to put up with me on a daily basis...he definitely needs a break!

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