Taking To The Sea On A Stormy Day

It isn't often that my husband and I get a day, much less a few hours, without our precious baby boy. But when we do we make sure we have good time! Well today was no exception. My husband, who is a Maine Commercial Lobsterman, took the day off due to rough seas. Coincidentally my mother also had the day off, and he and I both had things we wanted to get done. He wanting to get bait for his haul tomorrow, and I wanted to go to "Home Cheapo" (as my husband calls it) for new shades and some paint. My mother, Grandma, gladly accepted the offer of having my boy for the afternoon, since she was just baking pies in the kitchen. 

So we packed up the baby, rain gear and all, it was windy and extremely rainy. Then dropped his little cute tush off at Grandmas. We headed straight to Home Cheapo and made a beeline for the paint counter. I was wicked excited to pick out my purple paint (for a project I will post later) when I noticed this sign:

Ladies, is it not true?! That made my entire day... then I looked over at my husband and he just rolled his eyes...because he knows it's true! 

After the purple paint selection (done by moi) we headed over to the Panera Bread drive-thru... best invention ever! I deviated from my normal Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT and went with the Tomato & Mozzerella  Panini - it was an excellent selection! If only I had taken a moment to take a picture before I devoured it. Oh well, an excuse to buy another.

Okay, let me speed things up and get to the interesting, life threatening part! As I had said my husband needed to get bait for his traps for tomorrow, which entails us hopping on his 33' long lobster boat and heading over to the bait shed. Now must I remind you, it was rainy and windy, and because of that the seas were rough....rough enough for him to take the day off! Oh but it was fine for us to go out in....

So as we pull up to the pier and grabbed his older brother to join us (he needed bait as well) I looked out at the sea. Not really impressed with the waves, I asked if it was totally necessary to go out. The answer was yes. Then I promptly asked how much life insurance we had taken out on my husband....I mean I have to be prepared! 

To get to my husband's boat, he has to row out in his little dinghy (hehe) then bring to boat to the pier so we can jump on. I was a tad frightened because he only has a few inches clearance in that little tike, and it was quite swelly. 

But thankfully he made it. Once we got settled and we started to move, the boat got tossed by a few big rollers and I, apparently, looked rather frightened. And instead of those two men consoling me, they decided it was funny, and laughed. My ego was just shattered.

Thanks guys!

I clung on to the boat for dear life as we headed into the fog and away from land. All for what? To get a few trays full of dead fish? Yup! But I was promptly reminded that I was the one who wanted to tag along ...silly me! 

Not shortly after we got to the bait shed and they started loading the trays. I had no desire to partake in that part of the excursion, so I manned the boat and played on my cellphone. Too bad the service sucks out there which drained my already half-gone battery and it died within a good 10 minutes. But not before I got this picture of my boy....asleep on Grandmas kitchen floor... (I swear she has magical powers with that child!) So I had another 50 minutes to sit and stare into the fog. 

It was actually quite nice, after I got over the fact that I was soaked, cold, and a little nervous about the ride back. I got a little time away from baby duty and I got to spend time with my husband doing something that is so second nature to him. 

Next time I go out, it will be in smooth sea's, and hopefully with a glass of wine!

Oh and here are the shades, and curtains my husband came and hung at 8pm tonight! Oh and my 5pc bed spread I scored at target on clearance for $23 (originally $114) and the lamps I got for $18 (originally $39). Please don't mind the vacuum .... I'm leaving it up there as a hint ;) 

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  1. Your room looks so lovely, Victoria! Despite the fact that you guys had one heck of an adventure, it's nice that you are able to do these things as a couple :)

    1. thank you Melissa!! i love doing things as a couple - even if it is doing something for work. It's nice to be husband and wife sometimes instead of just mom and dad.


  2. I'm loving that bedding! The colors are nice and soothing.
    And that sign in Home Cheapo (hee hee... too cute!) would have made my day too :)

    1. thank you!! I loveeee Target!! haha that sign made me chuckle and made my husband cringe ;)