Ramblings Of A Lost Post

So today's post was supposed to be something to think about and something heart felt. Yeah well that flew right out the window as soon as I hopped on my computer this morning, screaming baby on my hip, coffee getting cold, and cats nipping at my toes. I opened Blogger and was happy to see my "Quote Of The Week" post sitting there....until I opened it. There were two sentences and a quote, THAT WAS IT! No, no, no!!! I typed out paragraphs last night! UGH. I was so proud of myself for taking the time to write a post before hand (since that is my goal and all), just to have it smashed to smithereens. 
Apparently when I typed it out on my new tablet with the Blogger app, I never hit "SAVE". Seriously, we have to hit save in 2013?! Doesn't everything automatically just save these days. Guess not!

After joining in on the crying with my son, I decided to put my computer down and sulk for a few. Then I grabbed my tablet, after saying a few choice words to it (which I can't post because my one and only rule for my blog is no cussing), and I finished a book I was reading. Oh, and that makes reading 2 books in 5 days! *insert pat on back*

Okay moving on... I think someone is trying to send me a message. Not like a text message, but a you're fat and need to get in shape message! I started the workout T25, which I absolutely love and can't say enough great things about it (only because I have seen results, otherwise I might have to break my one and only no cussing rule). But since I have started this I need to look thinner before Thanksgiving journey I have started getting Fitness magazine in the mail. Now I have not paid for this, nor would I ever. Sure it's good and all, but I don't really care what you stick-thin ladies ate for breakfast, and how to take time off your 7 minute mile. I'm content with my 14 minute mile (ok 14:22...)!

I seriously think that someone is setting me up and sending me a message. 
This is why:
Back in high school I was dating someone that other the ladies in school were not happy about. Well they did everything they could to break us up. I swear this does have a connection. So these girls knew that the only way to get us to break up was through my mom...since she and I were very close and I valued her opinion...oh plus she put the fear of taking away my hair straightener in me!

So I get home from school one day to find my mother sitting at the table with American Baby magazine and 6 cans of formula (and having a baby now, I realize that stuff is expensive!!). Yes, someone had signed me up for all that stuff, hoping my mom would think I was pregnant. Well guess what ladies, it DIDN'T WORK! HA! (secretly hoping you are reading this...but you probably aren't - oh well). 

So I find it a little coincidental that I just started the T25 workout and now I am getting Fitness magazine....I will find you, whoever you are that sent it to me! 

So this is what happens when I don't hit "SAVE", I ramble. Hope you enjoyed. Oh and by the way..... I saw my computer "save" about 15 times while I typed this! Those tablet tricksters!


I just saw that my ALOHA FRIDAY  has been deleted! It's the stupid app!! I am not thrilled at all. I loved my ALOHA FRIDAY  this past week. :( Off to cry now....

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  1. Clearly you need to stop using your tablet to post! Your Aloha Friday post from last week WAS good! Sorry it disappeared!

    On a side note, I have mysteriously been receiving Reader's Digest for almost a year...

    <3 Emily B

    1. haha I have ceased to use my tablet anymore for my blog! thank you, I really enjoyed last week's Aloha Friday! it was sad to see it vanish :( but I have tomorrow!

      Someone must be sending you a message as well, because that isn;t cheap! ;)

      xo - Vic

  2. Just discovered your blog - I love your sense of humour! Hahah, oh gosh, I would cry too if my posts were eaten. I don't think people realize how long it takes to compose those bad boys. Even if you attempt to re-write it, it's never the same - you try to re-create the same jokes but it's like the magic of the spontaneity is gone.

    A Coin For the Well

    1. Suzanne thank you! This is the real me, and thats what I love. When I reread posts, I can hear my voice. When I saw my posts were deleted I was soooo upset!! but one good thing came from it, it pushed me to write spontaneously!!! I will hop on over and check out your blog, I'm sure it's wonderful :):):)


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