QUOTE OF THE WEEK | Babies Don't Keep

Again, I was on Pinterest and I saw this quote and it really made me think.

My baby boy is a little over 5 months old, but oh how has he changed! He is learning new things every day. His personality is ever changing, and he is literally growing like a weed! I am so thankful that my amazing husband is able to provide for our family so I can stay home, because I know I would be missing so much.

This quote really got me thinking how fast our babies grow, and how we need to set aside things that need to be done and relish in these fleeting moments. It is very true that babies don't keep because they are only babies for 12 months. It breaks my heart that I am almost half way there and it feels like I only had him a few weeks ago.

We get so caught up in doing it all that we forget that our babies are trying to do it all as well. This is a great quote to keep tucked away and pull out on those days where you feel you have so much to do, but do you really? 

I wish time would slow down so I could keep him little. I won't drag this out, since it is more food for thought than me going on and on. Take from it what you will, just remember that babies don't keep

Now off to pour myself a glass of wine and watch him sleep through the monitor *tear*
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