Let's Talk Sleep Regression!

Sleep regression is inevitable with a new baby. You may ask what is sleep regression? In simple terms it is when your baby goes back to a sleeping pattern that is worse than the current pattern. It stinks! You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't blogged in about a week, and I blame it 100% on sleep regression. 
Starting at about 2.5 months my precious boy started sleeping through the night. Many new moms were envious as they were still getting up every few hours with their new baby. I thought I was in the clear and it would be smooth sailing from here on out. Well I was wrong! I was never once warned about this thing call sleep regression. I figured once babies started sleeping through the night, they would continue that pattern. But now at 5.5 months my lovely little boy is up every 2 hours! 
Every night for the past week he has been up. So I am up with him. It starts with him fussing in his crib, so I go get him, change his diaper, nurse him, then try to put him back into his crib once he's fallen asleep on me. But as soon as his head hits that mattress he is wide awake! So we start the routine all over again. Then on the third try, I bring him into bed with me. He will nurse himself to sleep for about 2 hours, then start to fuss. So we change the diaper, try the crib again, when it doesn't work, we rock...and rock...and rock. We last night we did this from 1:45am-4:10am until I finally broke down and woke up my husband for reinforcements. 
right before his first mid-night wake up!
This isn't the first time this regression has reared it's ugly head. We had the dreaded 4 month sleep regression that lasted about a week. It was awful! This time I knew what I was in for. But why does it happen? Well, because they are growing, learning new things, and have a hard time shutting their brains off. So in a sense it's a good sign! But at 1:00am you don't see it that way.
In the beginning I tried to fight it and force him to go back to sleep in his crib. I quickly found out that neither of us would sleep that way. So I am now of the mindset of do anything to get them to sleep even if it means co-sleeping, sleeping in the rocking chair, putting them in the baby carrier, or anything you can think of. 
gave in and just let him sleep on my chest
It will pass and you will get a few weeks of good sleep again, but know that as they are rapidly growing, they will continue to have sleep regression. So that being said, I am off for a nap while my husband watches our energy filled son!
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  1. Hang in there mama! We are having some of the same problems with a cold added in now too! Little man slept through the night since he was about a month old. Then just before 3 months his sleep got all wacky... At 4 months we are still trying to figure it out. Call it sleep regression or just sleep troubles, we're with ya!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I hope that cold is gone now! I just wish I had know about it so I could prepare! I hope both our regressions end SOON!


  2. We are in a sleep regression, too! Little stinkers! At least we all know that it will get better!


    1. Lizzy - it is so hard!! I will say during those hours of being up all night, our birth club surly keeps me entertained ;)

  3. Ugh..I am so sorry! My daughter started sleeping through the night at 6.5 weeks and continued until she was almost 13 months old. Then, one night, she started waking up every 2 - 4 hours and it lasted for two months. I thought I would going to die! Like you, I wasn't prepared at all and I had gotten used to sleeping through the night for almost a year. It was awful because nothing helped. Of course, we got through it, but I sure wish that I would have been warned!

    Good luck! :)

    1. Oh my word! I couldn't imagine starting it so late! I'm sorry momma!!! It must be so hard. I will say I did get used to my baby sleeping through the night sooo early, that it was a shock when he started having troubles! I wish I had been warned too!!