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Hello friends! Today I am hosting my first guest post! I can't wait for you to meet Chantal from Scattered Seashells!  She has an amazing blog that I enjoy reading every day, and I know you will too!

Hi Simply Anchored readers! I'm Chantal and I blog over at Scattered Seashells. I'm sure you've been seeing my button at the bottom of posts lately because, yes, I am sponsoring this blog! Let me introduce myself: I'm wife to Brandon, an Army pilot. I'm mom to Penny, a busy toddler. I'm a writer, wisher, and wanderer. We currently live in sunny southern Alabama, but within the next couple months we will be outta here and off to our next adventure: South Korea! Here's how you can find me if you wish:


Today, I wanted to talk about things my daughter has taught me about life. Having a baby totally rocked my world, for good and bad. There's nothing more profound than having a child, and you won't ever really understand it until it happens to you. She's been around for over 21 months and every day is such a joy. Our lives revolve around this wild child! From day one, I have been working hard to teach Penny about life and the world. Colors, shapes, numbers, animals, chores, manners, you name it. If I didn't look close enough, though, I wouldn't have known she was teaching me so much about life.

A smile can go a long way. Penny is such a friendly little girl, even if a bit shy to begin with. When we're out, she is quick to give smiles to strangers, say "hi" and "bye," and give waves to everyone. A smile can instantly brighten someone's day.

Live in the moment. My girl doesn't wake up in the morning with a list of to-do's. Her first thought is, find Mommy. Next, let's watch a show. After that, breakfast. She does what she feels is good at that moment. Like below, when she was washing her hands while I was making lunch, and decided it was just a good time to sit in the sink and play in some water. Because, well, why not? I try to use those two words as often as possible: Why not?


Sleep when you're dead. My daughter is a notorious bad sleeper. She has taught me that you can run off way less sleep than you think you can!! This is a lesson I wish I didn't have to learn.

Find happiness in the little things. I've never seen someone get so excited over putting on shoes. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Why can't I get an excited over little things like putting on shoes, because it means we're going on a walk? Or reading a new book, because then I'll be going on a new adventure? Maybe it's even excitement over snack-time, because carrots are just so tasty! There are so many little things that can make you happy.

Beauty is only skin deep. She has taught me this, more than anything. Penny is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, but sometimes it can be hard to see. Her hair is tangled, she is covered in mud, and she's not wearing any clothes. But that smile, oh that smile, is shining through. She doesn't NEED to look beautiful because her inside is beautiful.


 Thanks for reading through this! I hope to see you on my blog at some point. Stop by and say hello! :D  
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