Denied At Wal-Mart!

Today my husband and I had to run and get diapers for my little Bub and the only place that has the Huggies diapers with the "yellow stripe" for a size 3 (most stop at size 2) is Wal-Mart. And they are wicked close to the house. Now let me just say (and I was strictly told by my husband, not to bash Wal-Mart, because of course that is rude) but I am not their biggest fan.
I remember as a kid when it first opened up in our area. I live in Maine, and when a Wal-Mart comes to town, it's a big deal. Especially when it plops right next to the slowly dying Ames. But ever since Le Target opened up in the next town, I moved my super-store loyalty. I know you understand....and for those of you that don' clearly are avid Wal-Marters. Okay, I promised I wouldn't bash, but I am a little peeved. 

So tonight, we as a little family, scampered off to Wal-Mart to grab 3 boxes of those coveted diapers, a George Foreman, and a bottle of white wine. I wanted to make chicken scampi tomorrow night for dinner, and I like to use wine, and I like to drink wine. Win Win! At the checkout I squeezed by my husband, as he was loading the belt, pushing my little boy in his stroller. Next thing I know, and I should have known because he was young, the cashier asked for BOTH of our I.D.'s. Seriously?! I wasn't the one buying it first of all. So it shouldn't matter. I had clearly walked away, about 20 feet, with the stroller, so to his knowledge I didn't even know this said husband checking out with the massive bottle of wine. Secondly.... I am 27.5...ALMOST 30!! Okay, so I have 2.5 years, but my husband constantly reminds me I am on the tipping point of 30, thanks. 
Of course, my husband and I went on date day (poor lost post), day before yesterday, and my wallet was sitting nice and snug in my purse at home. And since I had my diaper bag, that meant no I.D. which translated into me looking at the young boy saying "are you kidding me? I'm almost 30!" I am never one to question, talk back, or give sass, but I was peeved that he had just unscanned my wine!
I know one day I will be thankful someone is carding me, since forever more I will carry my I.D. on me. But when it happens and the result is me not going home with a big bottle of wine, I am not thankful. I just have to remember that just because I am pushing a stroller with a baby and I am married, doesn't mean that I am of age....
but I will leave you with this...
 photo singnture_zps418f4c25.jpg


  1. Hahah I'm the same age as you and feel the exact same way. Next time I would take the baby to the car and let him go buy the wine through a different checkout! :D

    1. Ashley we are getting old! 10 yeast reunion next year! Yewah Iwould have broyt thebbab to the car but it was pouring rain and Sean went and got the car for us so we didn't have to get wet. Next time I will do that...or I will just have my I.D on me *sigh*

  2. Woah, what? I've never heard of such a thing as the cashier asking for someone else's id. At the cusp of 40, I'd probably kiss the kid on the mouth if I got carded! lol

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