Baby's First Virus

I have not blogged in a few days, and I have a legit excuse: my baby got his first virus! Gah! It was so scary. Reece is just shy of 6 months, and on Friday he started to act differently. He used to nap ALL. THE. TIME. But since he turned about 4 months he dropped the naps and gained energy out of thin air. Even though I missed the chest snuggles I became accustomed to his sleepless days. So when he slept accumulative of 6 hours during the day on Friday, it was a red flag.

I had taken his temperature that morning because he seemed a little warm, and lets be honest, I got a new temple thermometer and I really like using it! It registered a little high, but nothing alarming. So I chalked it up to the fact that he was teething. Little did I know, his body was waging a war inside.
Growing up every time I said I was sick my mother always said "let me smell your breath". I thought it was a joke that she could tell whether or not I was sick by the smell of my breath. But by golly, she was right! All day on Friday my baby had a "sickly smell" to his breath! Unfortunately, it didn't register until he was already showing signs. 

That evening, right before my husband got home, he vomited all over himself. And I don't mean normal "spit-up" when they eat too much. He was drenched. But he just looked at me and smiled. So I changed him, wiped down his highchair he was playing in, and finished dinner. As soon as my husband came home and I went to pick my boy up I noiced he was soaked from chin to toe. Something was wrong I immediately thought. I quickly changed him, took the pizza out of the oven and had my hubby sit with him. 

Then it began. He started heaving, throwing up bile, and heaving some more. He went from smiling to barely able to lift his head up in a matter of 20 minutes. So what was I to do? I called my mother. She calmly told me to give it another 30 minutes then call her back. She is not one to panic and her advice is always spot on. So I waited, and he threw up more, so I called her back. We both decided I should seek medical advice. It was 9:00pm so the only place I could call would be the ER and talk to the on call pediatrician. So I did. The doctor was really great. He told me he most likely had a viral bug and to get some Pedialyte to hydrate him, since dehydration was the main concern. And if he couldn't keep it down to bring him in.

So my husband quickly ran to the store and bought two big jugs of Pedialyte and we administered the first dose. As soon as we got it down, my boy perked right up! It only lasted a few minutes then he was back to sleep, but it gave us hope. So we continued for the next hour. Then brought him to bed, and put him in the pack n play right next to the bed, instead of his crib. I was worried he would get sick in his sleep, so I stayed up all night monitoring. He slept through the night, resting his little weak body.

The next morning, since I was up all night, my husband got up with my boy and let me sleep. Thank you!  My boy was a new person that morning. He was so full of energy and full of smiles! It was the first time he had ever been sick, and as a first time mother is was rather scary. But thankfully I have a great support system around me and my family. 

My precious boy the next morning

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  1. Oh that is scary! I dread the day when E gets sick like that. So glad it passed quickly and he is doing better.

    1. Heather it was terrifying! i hope you never have to go through that with E. Thank you :) I am so happy it was only a few hours. I think it was over quickly because I was not afraid to call the doctors.

  2. Oh, the poor boy! That sounds horrible! I am not looking forward to the day that my little G gets sick like that. Yikes. Always nice to be able to call Mom though, right!?

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  4. The worst! What temple thermometer do you use? I had one and returned it because every reading on every person was 97...